What NOT to do in Overwatch

Follow these simple tips to assure a victory for your Overwatch team.

Let's face it. Overwatch has taken over our lives. We want to play as much as we can and we will put off doing important things (laundry, taking a shower, going to work) to make sure we can play a couple matches. Ok, maybe not just a couple matches, but a couple hours -- it's so hard to stop. You can play for hours on end and will do amazing as Soldier 76. You could get play of the game and 5 gold medals, it still doesn't ensure you that much-wanted victory.

Here are some things that you should NOT do in Overwatch that will help your team get that victory.

1. Do NOT play to get the most kills.

Overwatch is a game where the amount of kills you have won't matter. To win the game you either have to get the control point, push the payload, or attack the objectives. You don't win the game by having the most kills. Reaper getting 25 kills is great -- but if 24 of those kills are from him not pushing the objective, they don't help that much. Don't play to get the most kills, play to win the objective. 

2. Do NOT choose a hero that has already been picked.

The hero you choose to play as is very important. If you are defending, you should have at least one tank player like Roadhog, Reinhart, Winston, D.Va, or Zarya. They are used to protect the objective and their teammates. You don't need 2 McCrees if you are defending. Balance your team out. If you see that your teammate already chose Mercy as the support, choose Torbjorn to help on offense. His armor drops will also help you in that overtime session when you need as much health as possible to finish the game.

3. Do NOT save your ultimate. Use it!

When you see you've unlocked your ultimate, your first thought is to save it until you have the opportunity to knock out the entire enemy team. But most of the time, you won't have that chance to knock out the whole team. If you see that the point is being contested or someone has stopped the payload, use your ultimate so your team can keep moving forward. You can always unlock your ultimate again later on. Play for the moment you are in, not a moment you wish to happen later on. 

Those are just a few tips that could help you and your team win in Overwatch. So to summarize:

  • Go after the objective, not kills
  • Don't choose a hero if it has already been picked or if it won't help your team
  • Use your ultimate when you are able to, don't save it for a moment that might never happen.

Overwatch will be a game that you put a lot of your time into, so why not try and make sure you win as often as you can?

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Published Jun. 16th 2016

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