Xbox One's update in November brings backwards compatibility and Windows 10

The new Xbox One update in November will bring backwards compatibility, Windows 10, and enhanced accessibility.

After listening to the community, Xbox has decided to release the biggest update yet. Microsoft is calling it "The New Xbox One Experience" that will focus more on games and gamers. Although Microsoft will enhance social media aspects, their main concern is power and flexibility.

As for power, the console will now run on Windows 10 to allow "gaming features to run up to 50% faster". Additionally, the speed will enhance usability for capturing screenshots, creating parties, and a gaming DVR for sharing. 

Perhaps the biggest news is the added backwards compatibility. "At no extra charge" players can pop in their old 360 favorites. And in multiplayer, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players can actually play together. Microsoft also announced that with the update, they are releasing a "greatest games lineup" in the Xbox history.

The new design will also bring commonly accessed features, such as "Start a Party" and "System Notifications" to the forefront to make switching between tasks easier. Other elements such as the Store and OneGuide have also been redesigned for "optimization".

Microsoft will release the update first to Preview members to gather feedback and then to other groups, one at a time to provide the best performance possible upon release.

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Published Sep. 10th 2015
  • topher339
    Can't wait to see how the Xbox handles Windows 10 and the backwards compatibility. Still waiting for Windows 10 to be "ready for your specific pc" though. Was really hoping to try playing the One on my laptop.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Yay! So I should get pieces of this update over the next 2 months!
    If anyone wants an invite to the preview program I'm SpazldRust on Xbox.
    Add me and send me a message just saying "preview program" otherwise I might forget... (and literally just what I put in the quotes, I don't need any "hi, I'm just adding you for this blar blar." Too many waffles, like I've just given you now).

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