Allods Online Subscription Server Details Shared, Not Terrible

Allods Online's subscription-only server is coming to North America soon(TM).

Allods Online adding a subscription server in North America was quite the pleasant surprise, despite the Russian version of the game getting the same treatment earlier this year. As with the Russian subscription server, its North American counterpart has several benefits over the free to play option that make it well-worth the switch to the avid Allods player.

Publisher gPotato gave a rundown of what to expect on the subscription-only server yesterday, with many of its bonuses being what one would expect. You can check out the full list on the official site, but here is a bite-size list of sub-only changes for those of you feeling a little lazy:

  • No cash shop or currency exchange, which means no curses, runes, strongboxes, or elixirs.
  • 30% XP increase, double stat point gains, and second earring slot open.
  • Quests give bigger bags, helper companion available via quest.
  • Mounts to be earned in-game and no longer require food.
  • Astral Replicators dropped by Astral bosses frequently.
  • Stat and talent respecs will cost in-game gold.
  • Some standard server cash shop cosmetics sold by vendors.

The bottom of the official post also has a list of items that will be unavailable on the subscription server.

All of these changes sound like massive improvements over the standard Allods Online release. It's difficult not to wonder why it took so long for the game to get a subscription option considering just how cash shop heavy it has been in both Russia and North America. The subscription-only server has yet to be given a release date, but the sooner the better for gPotato's profits.

Published Aug. 31st 2013

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