Indie rampage game Dragon Rage on Sale on Steam Until October 7th

Get your rampaging destruction fix as a chubby pink dragon in this frantic action game, and do it at a discount!

Developer Bulletproof Outlaws have announced that their fast-paced, old-school arcade action game Dragon Rage is on sale at 30% off until October 7th.

Dragon Rage is a colorful, hand-drawn game that, while short, is full of hectic fun and stress-relieving destruction. Reminiscent of the classic Rampage games, it’s all about the carnage.

A quiet mountain village is soon turned into a manic warzone as you, a giant pink dragon, go on a frenzy of obliteration after having a bad day. Devour your human prey and raze their homes to the ground as you satisfy your Hunger Meter, allowing you to super-charge attacks and rain fiery death down from above. Fill your Egg Meter enough and you’ll be ready to lay eggs -- it won’t be long before you have an unstoppable army of young ones to wipe out the village and its rulers.

But be warned: once you start doing damage, the village is sure to fight back. Increasing levels of defenses include knights, wizards and lethal ballistas all trying to smite you.

Dragon Rage supports a number of Steam features including:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Leaderboard Support
  • Gamepad Support

Originally released in July 2016, the game has received mostly positive community response for its chaotic gameplay, however has been criticized for its short 15-20 minute completion time.

Dragon Rage retails at $6.99/£4.99/€6.99 but at sale prices you can pick it up for $4.89/£3.49/€4.89 if you're looking for some cheap dragon demolition fun!


Published Sep. 25th 2016

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