Twitch Studios Announces Their First Feature Film

Twitch Studios teases first feature production Ironsights.

Today, Twitch Studios announced a teaser for their first feature film: Ironsights: A Big Buck Hunter. It is believed to be a mini documentary that somehow involves the classic arcade game Big Buck Hunter -- a game that's inspired numerous online tournaments.

Based in San Francisco, Twitch Studios is a collaboration between Twitch's live production and post-production video teams. Thus far, Twitch Studios has kept details about their first feature film/series pretty close to the chest and has made only one post on their Twitter account in reference to it. In fact, it's the only post on their Twitter account since they booted it up in January.

According to the header image on their Twitter account, we can expect to learn more or possibly see the mini-documentary in its entirety on April 7th.

For more information, follow Twitch Studios on Twitter.

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Published Mar. 11th 2017

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