FANTASICA: Bloodlines Now Available on Smartphones

Free-to-play JRPG FANTASICA: Bloodlines releases today on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Silicon Studio and DeNa, developers of Bravely Default and Miitomo respectively, have released their new game FANTASICA: Bloodlines on smartphones today. The game is a free-to-play, character collecting JRPG and a reimagination of 2012's FANTASICA.

FANTASICA: Bloodlines features a complete, original story, where players will collect and create parties of up to nine to fight their enemies, developing a variety of play styles. They can customize and upgrade the characters' skills and equipment to mold battle strategies.

The game begins with a reoccurring dream of a beautiful world, much brighter than the one the heroes live in now, where the heavens were painted with six colors: the Six Blessings. One day, the sky was shrouded by sable wings, and legions of tainted souls emerged from the dark abyss. Clenched within the malicious maw of evil, the world was brought to the brink of destruction.

That's when the three protagonists appear before the darkness, their tattered bodies all that stand between our world and total annihilation...

FANTASICA: Bloodlines adds numerous battle types, such as PvE, PvP, co-op, and more. It also includes updated high resolution art, a new social experience, original theme songs, and many more.

You can pick it up in the App Store or on Google Play for your device.


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Published Oct. 27th 2016

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