This War of Mine: The Little Ones Expansion Is Now Available On PC

The This War of Mine: The Little Ones expansion has been released, adding children to the survival-management game.

This War of Mine, the survival game by 11 bit studios wherein players are tasked with protecting survivors in a war-torn society, has received a new expansion for PC players. This War of Mine: The Little Ones (previously available on the PlayStation 4) adds a new layer of complexity to the game with the addition of children that players are expected to provide for and protect.

According to the developers, children come with their own set of needs and concerns, which will make players' decisions more difficult when it comes to prioritizing which survivors are taken care of and when. They also explained why they made the decision to add children to the game:

"From our perspective, adding children to the experience was the most important puzzle to complete the big picture. The creation of it required respect for the victims of war. So, understandably, we wanted to present the topic without any gore that could serve only for shocking players. In fact, our goal was to show how little ones perceive the reality of an armed conflict."

In addition, the developers will donate $1 from each purchase of This War of Mine: The Little Ones to the War Child charity, which works to help children across the globe affected by war.

From now until June 8th, the DLC will be $8.99 instead of $9.99, as well. Interested players can take advantage of this deal at Games Republic, a part of 11 bit studios. This War of Mine: The Little Ones requires This War of Mine on Steam to play.


Published Jun. 1st 2016

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