Terraria's Stadia Port is No Longer Happening Following Developer Row with Google

The port's cancelation comes after an apparent lack of communication from the tech giant regarding Re-Logic's inability to access any of its Google accounts.

Update: 3/18/21: Terarria is releasing on Stadia after all. In fact, it's out right now

Terraria's been on more platforms than we can count at this point. First launched in 2011, it's had a long journey from PC to Nintendo Switch, the latter version we thought quite highly of. But if you were hoping to see the sandbox game on Google Stadia, that version has now been canceled.

The move has nothing to do with Google's recent decision to shut down their first-party studios either, which has shaken developer confidence in the cloud gaming platform.

It instead comes down to what appears to be an ongoing dispute between studio Re-Logic and Google, which seems to have begun when Re-Logic's YouTube channel was suspended on January 26 because of what Terarria co-creator Andrew Spinks ultimately says was a ToS violation, despite the channel being inactive for months.



The Team YouTube Twitter account responded to the above-tweet (seen in the thread) with automated replies, sending Spinks to Google's account recovery page and account recovery help page. Other inquiries by Spinks to the Team YouTube account that are seen in the thread received similar responses. 

Since Re-Logic's accounts are tied to his personal Google account, Spinks took to Twitter today to express his continued frustrations with Google and the inability to recover his account.




Google has yet to publicly respond to any of this outside of yet another automated response from Team YouTube on February 8 asking Spinks to share more information. This was in the same thread Spinks confirmed that Terarria would not be coming to Google Stadia. 

Stay tuned for more on Terarria.

[Source: IGN]


Published Mar. 18th 2021

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