2K May Be Hinting an Upcoming BioShock Reveal

2K Games is pushing ADVENT, but is it a new BioShock or a different franchise?

Ever since the closure of Irrational Games back in 2014, the fate of the BioShock franchise has been up in the air. 2k Marin was set to helm the next title, but after the critical flop of X-COM: The Bureau Declassified, the developer fell silent.

Yesterday, on 2K's official Twitter, may have given glimpse of our next dystopian society. The account tweeted a video of what seems to be propaganda for a "city of tomorrow," which glitches, changing the welcoming message of "Move in today and start living in the World of Tomorrow" to something sinister:

Courtesy of 2K Games

Kicking off the viral advertising was www.adventfuture.org, a mock site for this supposed world of tomorrow which was created in April of this year. According to the website's hackers, not all is what it seems in ADVENT.

Should this be the next BioShock, it seems citizen uprising will remain a central theme; and one of the bigger questions that remains is what roll will the gamer play? To change things up, maybe we'll be treated to the other side of things and play a roll in the oppression rather than the uprising.

Of course, whether this actually is BioShock is up for debate. 2K also headlines the X-COM series, and ADVENT could easily be a city under extraterrestrial control. 

All we can do is simply wait it out and enjoy the string of viral marketing.


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Published May. 26th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I dunno if I'm excited about a BioShock without Ken Levine, or not... a new direction for the series can it good... but in the past when games have moved away from their original designers they have been lackluster.
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    I also love Ken Levine and would question how good future BioShocks could be. I still want them though. BioShock 2 did not include Levine and was very enjoyable. I consider BioShock and BioShock Infinite as the true games and the canon. Any new games would join BioShock 2 in my mind as essentially fan fiction, but fan fiction that I would absolutely love to play. Even if Levine's ones will always remain holy. Even if they suck it won't ruin what came before.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Just please, for once, can we just let 2K Marin do what they do best WITHOUT something getting buggered up? The Bureau had a laundry list of headache and heartache, and Bioshock 2 went through a major rewrite/redesign right before launch because of some mandate. I'd love to see them make -one- game without tons of problems...

    Although, that said, I am intrigued nonetheless by this little announcement. I know 2K publishes mostly worthwhile titles, so this one is likely to be another I will keep my eye on.
  • MarkL_TGG
    I agree, though I'm in the small school that didn't entirely dislike BioShock 2. It was a little bit of a rehash, but fun enough.

    I do enjoy the bulk of what 2K drops, and I may be on my own where I'd be completely happy if ADVENT were attached to a new IP.

    If it is a BioShock, I hope they don't stray from the connections made in Infinite and fit it into that convolution somehow.

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