Sony considering downloadable avatars for next PS4 update

A leaked PlayStation survey details multiple features Sony is considering for a PS4 update including downloadable avatars and new PSN IDs.

In a leaked "invite only" survey this week, NeoGAF user Saint of Killers released a highly trending question concerning a future PlayStation 4 update. 

In a "check all that apply" format, Sony asked survey participants to select which features they deemed most important from a list of thirteen. The list of features included downloadable PS4 avatars, something the system has needed since launch.

The PlayStation 4 is all about connectivity. Building on the PlayStation 3, the newer console is really focused on social media; sharing gameplay, partying up and playing with friends, finding out what other players are up to, and more.

When a new player gets their PlayStation 4 system, they are immediately required to choose an avatar to represent them online. Currently, the avatar list is short and stale. It includes a lot of characters and symbols from PlayStation 2 and 3 era games, most of which newer players wouldn't recognize. When playing online most players use the same fifteen avatars, making every new player a monotonous clone of the last. There isn't any personalization here!

PlayStation 3 featured purchasable avatars in the PS Store even though avatars weren't such a big part of players' online profiles then. It would make sense for a future update to include PS4 avatars so players can express their individuality and so Sony can make a little extra money. However, other choices in the survey are just as enticing, including the long-awaited option to change PSN IDs.

We'll have to wait and see how the survey turns out. PlayStation 4 users could be experiencing an update with these features any day as a second question in the survey asked participants when they expect to see System Software Update 4.0 with options including every variety from "Before the end of 2015" to "2017 or later."


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Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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