The 10 Most Anticipated Android Mobile Games for 2017

King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon

Before Final Fantasy took the stage in the JRPG genre, Square made an arguably fun, arguably terrible game called King's Knight. It was a fun game, sure. Going through levels, shooting at blocks, revealing secrets, gathering points, beating bosses...

But the game failed to adequately tell you how to beat it. If you lost one character, you were allowed to continue, but you could not beat the game. This took a clever idea and stomped it into the mud. That is, until 30 years later in 2017, where a remake/reimagining takes place!

King's Knight Wrath of the Dark Dragon returns with similar gameplay as the original, but with a huge upgrade to graphics. It even adds a huge roster of characters.

The game never quite begged for a remake in the traditional video game sense, but it fits perfectly in the Android market with its bite-sized levels, item gathering and leveling up.

Published Nov. 27th 2016

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