Multiplayer space simulation Elite: Dangerous comes to Xbox One

One of the largest sci-fi multiplayer titles available comes to Xbox One.

Elite: Dangerous boasts 400 billion star systems and the absolute freedom for players to blaze their own trails through the universe. And it's coming to Xbox One. 

Hyped up to be one of the bigger titles for Xbox One this year, and Elite: Dangerous has seen a healthy amount of both praise and criticism from players since its October 6th release.

Take a more in-depth look at the game here.

The usual complaints of crashes and bugs to fix are always around in the forums, but most seem to be united in their mutual love of this expansive space simulation with intense planetary battles and gloriously rendered PVP dogfights. It draws you in and doesn't let go.

Players take command of their very own ship, and they must execute missions and pilot their own destinies through the almost countless star systems to level up their ship, collect treasures, and improve their skills. Want to play as a Bounty Hunter? Sure. Explorer? Why not. Trader. Pirate. Smuggler. Soldier. Pick one!

Wanna watch a Space Cowboy bounty hunt in Deep Space?

Elite: Dangerous is available now for PC or Xbox One with updates and DLCs planned for both in the future. Find updates and more on their official site.


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Published Oct. 13th 2015

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