Strange VR Apps: Virtual... Ear Cleaning?

New virtual reality app Nagomi's Earcleaning replicates the "intimate" experience of having one's ears cleaned out by a cute anime girl.

The increased availability of virtual reality headsets, along with the upcoming releases of VR-compatible platform systems from Sony and Microsoft, has inevitably lead to a proliferation of virtual reality games and apps. Apps simulating intimate acts have become increasingly popular, featuring kissing, dating, pornographic stimulation... and now ear-cleaning.

Ear-cleaning, or mimi-kaki, is an act of intimacy particular to Japanese culture, wherein one person uses a long stick-like device to clean out the ears of another while they are lying down, often on their lap. The act is supposed to be rather relaxing, like a massage for one's ears. 

An ear-cleaning parlor in Tokyo

The app, called Nagomi's Earcleaning, is supposed to replicate the soothing experience of having your ears cleaned out by a cute girl in a kimono who claims to be your cousin. The young woman, Nagomi, asks the user to put their head on her lap while she cleans out their ears and converses with them quietly. The traditional Japanese setting, complete with tatami flooring and an outdoor bamboo garden, adds to the atmosphere of serenity. 

Nagomi's Earcleaning can be downloaded on iOS or Android. The full experience requires that the user also plug in a pair of earphones and use VR goggles connected to their phone. 

Are any of you interesting in getting your ears cleaned, either virtually or in real life? Or do you think this bonding activity should stay particular to Japanese culture? Let us know in the comments! 


Published Jun. 26th 2016
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    This was by far the weirdest article I've read today. Virtual ear cleaning? I'm cringing at the very thought of it. I can just imagine having that weird static-y sound while lying there. Ugh...


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