Here's 16 minutes of Grand Kingdom and its sprite on sprite violence

Grand Kingdom is a beautiful new medieval RPG set to release this June. Here's a 16 minute preview of why you should get it

NIS America and Spike Chunsoft are teaming up to release Grand Kingdom (GK) on June 21 for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

So what is GK? It's medieval fantasy themed tactical RPG developed by MonoChro. A great empire has fallen and war is no longer the duty of knights. War is now the profession of mercenaries. You play the commander of a mercenary squad in a war-torn continent, seeking to put food on the table and gain some prestige.

As seen in the preview (PS4 footage), the game features many gameplay elements and blends them together. GK is part board game; where you'll move out your mercenaries across a map. While traversing around, you'll discover treasure, NPCs, enemies, and traps (Yay danger! I mean...oh no).

GK is also part chess game when it comes to enemy encounters. Your unit positioning is critical to success. You'll have to match and counter your enemies advancements to maximize damage. You may also want to minimize damage to the troops too. Sure, battle is turn-based, but it's a fine line between a random battle and  a possible gameover.

You'll notice that the characters Flint and Lillia present you with two schools of thought for approaching dangers. Do you go in guns blazing, or exercise caution? These choices have their respective pros and cons.

GK features some pretty entertaining voice over work as well. You may even recognize a few of them. GK is bright, keeps you on your feet, and looks like a fun addition for Tactical RPG genre. Why is June so far away?


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Published Mar. 16th 2016

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