New Halo 5 Concept Art is a Mystery

Some new concept artwork has been released for Halo 5, making gamers squeal with glee.

If you weren't already excited about Halo 5 being announced at E3, you'll go crazy for this sneak-peek of concept art (above) uploaded today by 343. Featuring a new site not seen before (viewed within the concept art), your mind will start tinkering with all possibilities and outcomes.

What is this Concept Art about?

The concept art is made to depict a location within Halo 5 that the team has been working on. Josh Holmes put it as "an early exploration of a new location that features prominently in a little game project we’re tinkering with". Looking at it, many Halo fans might find some common ground, or even some hints that could shed some light upon the teaser trailer from E3 2013 that rocked the Halo world.

If you feel a bit stumped after seeing this art, you'll be glad to know that Microsoft announced that Halo 5 will hit shelves during 2014, appeasing the growing crowd of Halo fans.

How to do you feel about this concept art? Are you excited for Halo 5? Comment below!

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Published Jan. 10th 2014

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