Super Smash Bros. Gets New Tomodachi Life Stage

The Tomodachi Life stage can even feature some of your Mii friends!

Forget what your parents said about fighting in the living room.

Super Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai has announced a Tomodachi Life stage coming exclusively to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. As seen from his Miiverse post, the stage is divided into different apartments, all the more to destroy!

[Insert evil laugh]

Some of the rooms are covered with walls that will disappear when the player overlaps them; so casually stepping into someone's home uninvited is no longer just an RPG thing. There seem to be different types of rooms, and they are arranged randomly. The picture given shows 6 rooms at a time, which range from boxing rings to offices.

But wait! Who is that familiar face, caught in the middle of an intense battle?!  Why none other than one of your Mii friends. By taking information from you 3DS, some of your friends can make special appearances within the rooms of the stage.


"You might run into a Mii living in the room! The Mii characters are taken from the data in your 3DS system, so you could find your friends living in the apartments."                                                                                                   

- Sakurai

Sakurai also humbly suggests that placing bombs behind some of the walls can be an "effective tactic." But seriously, keep it all within the screens of your 3DS.
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS releases October 3rd, 2014. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Smash Bros. news.

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Published Jul. 25th 2014

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