F1 Race Stars Comes to Wii U in December

The F1 kart racing game, F1 Race Stars, is heading to the Wii U.

The Formula One kart racing game, F1 Race Stars, will be on the Nintendo Wii U eShop in December. This quirky racing game was released last year by Codemasters on PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. It is based on the 2012 Formula One season and is a spin-off of the original Formula One series games.

F1 Race Stars lets you race as cartoon versions of the 24 drivers that started the 2012 Formula One season. Two fictional teams were also added: two female drivers, Ruby Power and Jessica Chekker on TecNova-Star, and Satsu-Aceler with male driver Josh Merit and female driver Kira Hoshihara.

There are 11 circuits based on the 20 rounds in the season, but modified to include loops, jumps, and short-cuts. There are also items boxes that contain weapons, which can be used on other drivers. Getting hit by a weapon causes damage that will slow your car down, which forces drivers to make a pit stop if they want to maintain top speed.

The Wii U version will be called F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition and will have new features. One is the ability to race as your Mii. The game will also take advantage of the Wii U GamePad by having motion and tilt controls, using the pad as a map, or playing the game just on the GamePad. An exact date and pricing has not been announced yet.

Are you excited to try this kart racing game on the Wii U? Do you think unique Wii U GamePad will make the game even better? Let me know in the comments.

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Published Oct. 30th 2013

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