Final Fantasy Discount Celebrates Android TV compatibility until August 13th

Final Fantasy III to VI will be getting discounts to celebrate Android TV compatibility.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy III to VI will receive an update for compatibility on Android TV. To celebrate, Final Fantasy III to VI will be getting discounts on the Play Store until August 13th.

Final Fantasy III to VI will be reduced from $15.99 to $7.99 and you better move fast since the offer will only last for a few days.

While the games are at discounted price, your chance to get into the Final Fantasy series (if you aren’t already) has come. Final Fantasy has been around since 1987 and many fans will definitely recommend this batch of games.

In Final Fantasy III, four adventurers together as one of those adventurers, Luneth leaves the village of Ur to find three other comrades in order to save the world from the chaos that the Gulgan prophesized.

Final Fantasy IV gives you the role of Cecil, a knight stripped of his command. Chaos is starting to ensue in the world as creatures of darkness begin to roam the lands and the king begins to seek the Crystals. Figure out why in this gorgeous game!

In Final Fantasy V, the Crystals of water, fire, earth, and wind have suddenly lost their power and are now on the verge of destruction and by extension, the very world itself! Join Bartz and co. on their epic adventure.

Finally (ha!), Final Fantasy VI is set in a world devoid of all magic—all for one girl who posses the lost power. Meeting Locke, a young man, they attempt to escape the evil Empire, which has kept Terra, the only girl with magic, enslaved for many years. This one event sets of a chain of events that will eventually lead to one inevitable conclusion.


Published Aug. 7th 2015

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