"I am Bread" Coming to the PS4

The Bread Simulator will soon be available to PS4 owners this summer. Play the game and live the life of a slice of bread.

Bossa Studios brings the "Bread SimulatorI am Bread, the confirmed prequel to Surgeon Simulator, to the Playstation 4 this summer.

This is good news because it is vital that this game reach as many people as possible, Steam players and console gamers alike.  You never know when you might find yourself transformed into bread.  This will teach you everything you will need to know when that time comes.

I Am Bread:  A Brief Summary

You are a slice of bread.  

Your mission is to become toast, which requires you to navigate across various obstacles in search of a means to toast yourself.  Your 'edible meter' (your health bar), goes down every time you come in contact with unsanitary substances and surfaces such as the floor.

Like Surgeon Simulator, the game controls are unwieldy.  This really captures the existential difficulties that bread must face every day which creates a rather poignant playing atmosphere.  

Some players of this game have been known to destroy their game controllers and scream loudly in unholy rage from sheer fun.  Which is hilarious to watch so make sure you have an audience to enjoy this game with.

Reviewer Baz Macdonald from Gameplanet sums it up well.

It is clear from your first moments as bread that Bossa studios just wanted you to have a ridiculous and fun time. They totally succeeded as well; the experience is hilarious, and the concept and absurd physics coalesce to make every moment beautifully bizarre. 

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Published Jun. 5th 2015
  • Curtis Dillon
    As weird as this game is, I'm really looking forward to trying it for myself! I've watched Teens React play it and think I could do it, so I will get to test my theory!

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