PS4 Remote Play is now (unofficially) available on PC

Stream game from your PS4 to your PC.

Xbox One is not the only console to have a remote play functionality for PC. You may now add the PS4 to PC remote play ranks. But it's not officially from Sony. This functionality is made possible by one-man indie developer Twisted, who has been creating the software part-time for over a year.

Twisted hopes to make this project a full-time endeavor, so in order to support his living expenses, he will charge $10 (subject to change upon release) for "Remote Play for PC." The project will be available on November 25.

The video above shows Infamous: First Light being played smoothly on a PC desktop. The dashboard also seems to be accessible during remote play. It also looks like players will have the ability to play with keyboard controls. However, most PS4 games were not designed to work with a Keyboard and mouse, so lag will be present. Twisted hopes to fix this bug with future updates.

So what do you guys think about this nifty piece of software? Will you be streaming PS4 games to your PC? Sound off in the comments!


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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • mrivera269
    It's more to add another means to play. Like Xbox One's remote play on Windows 10. I agree in hindsight it seems pointless. But Remote Play mainly allows you to clear a TV screen.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I still see no point. I guess if keyboard and mouse can be used in multiplayer shooters, then you have an advantage. Other than that, what is the point? It's still using the PS4 hardware and the games will not run any better.

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