League of... Cats?

Learn to play League of Legends from a cat.

WARNING: Lots of fur, cuteness, pawesome-ness abound.

There's a new sheriff in town and it's not human... It's a, it's a...

It's a cat!

Have you seen this amazing cat play League of Legends? Furr-tastic!

From rolling its body across the keyboard to swatting the owner's hands, this kitten knows how to dominate not only a lane, but also how to be cute on camera. 

Look at those ninja-like reflexes! Look at those big eyes and go, "Ahhhhhhh." Not only is this cat showing off his skills to the world, but also to that human keeper of his. This cat is beyond god-like, but adorable to the boots. Gamemaker of the century truly belongs to this player. Perhaps he is even the future of the LCS? The future of Riot. Only time can tell. Witness the birth of a legend for yourself.

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Published Jan. 8th 2015

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