A Plague Tale Requiem Continues Hugo and Amicia's Story

A Plague Tale sequel is coming soon, and the first Plague Tale: Requiem trailer was shown during the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 showcase.

Focus Home Interactive is officially making A Plague Tale 2, and it's called A Plague Tale: Requiem. Set for release in 2022, A Plague Tale: Requiem is a direct sequel to Innocence and follows Amicia and Hugo.

Focus Home announced A Plague Tale: Requiem during the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 showcase and said it will release on Game Pass when it launches. For now, we know A Plague Tale: Requiem will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It was also confirmed in a press release following the reveal that the game will be coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch via "Nintendo's cloud streaming technology." 

The Plague Tale: Requiem trailer gives away very little, but what it does show is evocative and full of contrasts. Waves of rats flow through the streets, Hugo is on his own, Amicia is facing her own challenges, and at some point, they venture a beautiful, sun-lit land of flowers and peace.

We noticed mention of A Plague Tale sequel in a post-credits Easter egg for A Plague Tale: Innocence. And the sequel was rumored to be in development in late 2019. According to that report, which was picked up by us and other industry publications, A Plague Tale 2 was allegedly meant to be revealed in 2020, but that didn't come to pass. While there's no definitive release date outside of the 2022 window, it looks like fans won't have to wait much longer. 


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Published Jun. 13th 2021

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