New The Last of Us Trailers Lookin' Good

The new trailers for The Last of Us look awesome.

The Last of Us has potential.  It brings an entirely new form of enemy to the zombie genre, an impressive feat on its own, and the recent Hush trailer shows that new form will create some entirely unique gameplay experiences.

The new trailers take that even further.  It is fitting that the TV spot (heading this article) aired during the season finale of The Walking Dead not only because of the similarity inherent in the zombie themes and settings, but also because the new trailer shows us something that the multimedia franchise is already famous for.

The new trailers, especially the redband trailer, show a great deal of human drama.  Complex characters, survivor mentalities, and the inhumanity of the human animal all make appearances in the new footage.  Throwing in the personal stories and struggles along with the spooky images and sounds of the infected gives a similar vibe to what The Walking Dead has always done so well, and that is a very good thing.

The Last of Us looked awesome already, and it is looking better and better the more we see.

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Published Jun. 14th 2013
  • HorseJacker_
    Featured Contributor
    I'd watched a lot of people playing this at PAX and I agree Juna - I wont be first in line to buy. Parts seemed exciting but otherwise, the game felt a bit boring.

    We'll see.
  • Juna Zell
  • Juna Zell
    Looks good, but I won't be buying it on day one. Developers just keep giving me the same old stuff and expect me to pay 40 pounds for the privilege. This is just gonna be Uncharted with extra skull crushing. I'll wait until its 25 quid, which will be about three weeks after it comes out if current pricing trends continue.

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