Darkest Dungeon full release date announced

Developer Red Hook Games announces a January 2016 release date for Darkest Dungeon as well as new additions in a November patch.

Sharpen your weapons and ready your nerves, because Darkest Dungeon is coming.

The dungeon role-playing game, which has been in Early Access for most of 2015 and has already seen a couple of updates, focuses on a group of adventurers that venture through dungeons, battle monsters, and fight to stay sane despite the horrors they face.

In an update on the Darkest Dungeon blog, the team explained that their original goal of an October release date would require "rushing our endgame content out the door – a move that would ultimately not be in anyone’s best interest."

While the commitment to quality is commendable, what's even better is that the team set a new release date within the same post: "as a result, we have set January 19th as our Official Launch Day."

"...rushing our endgame content out the door is a move that would ultimately not be in anyone’s best interest."

The team ended with a note that an interim patch would come out in November to hold fans over until launch day. A new hero called "The Abomination" will be available for the player's team, as well as two new monsters. All three of these were designed with upper-tier backers of the game's Kickstarter.

Darkest Dungeon will be released for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and PlayStation Vita. For more on Darkest Dungeon, check out the Early Access trailer below.



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Published Oct. 15th 2015

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