Tripwire Giving Killing Floor Players a New Holiday Package in 2012

Killing Floor is going to have a new holiday level, new holiday weapons, and festive holiday enemies for everyone to enjoy with their egg nog.

Ho-Ho-Horzine has a new batch of goodiesTripwire Interactive has earned a reputation for coming out regularly with new content for its fabulously bloody cooperative zombie shooter: Killing Floor.  With events that introduce new weapons, unlockable character models, and new looks for all the game's enemies to coincide with various holidays (previous ones including a circus-themed batch of goodies during the summer and the Hillbilly Horror batch this past October) the game keeps giving everyone excuses to come back and play again and again.Da mapThis year we have a new map to enjoy.  Evil Santa has apparently fortified himself on the moon, giving a very technologically advanced stage to mow through the undead on.  What's new and exciting about it?  How about low gravity?  Everyone can jump higher and weapons with knockback can send enemies and allies alike flying through the air, with the heavier shotguns even confirmed as having enough recoil action to actually act as miniature jump-jets.Da gunzThe holiday update is also promising several new weapons for players to enjoy, most notable among them being a lightning gun with attached motion-sensor (very reminiscent of Aliens) and a Dwarvish axe for the melee-oriented.  Even more exciting, one of these new weapons is actually an event, requiring the players to roam the map and collect weapon parts to actually unlock it (permanently) for all the players in the session.Keep your eyes open, everyone.  This should be going live soon, and as with any good holiday excitement, won't be around for long.

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Published Dec. 25th 2012

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