The Outer Worlds Guide: "The Frightened Engineer" Walkthrough

In this strategy walkthrough guide, we show you exactly where to find the engineering books during "The Frightened Engineer" in The Outer Worlds.

"The Frightened Engineer" is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. It tasks you with finding three mechanical engineering guides for an aspiring engineer named Thomas Kemp. Once you start the quest, the game automatically marks the location of each volume, though one or two can be somewhat tricky if you don't know where to look. 

You meet Thomas during the quest called "Now Comes the Power." It's one of the main Edgewater quests very early in the game. You can speak with him after you divert the power at the Geothermal Plant. He's sitting around the fire at the edge of the Botanical Lab with a handful of other NPCs. 

In this strategy walkthrough guide, we'll show you where to find the mechanical engineering books, as well as tell you what you'll get for completing "The Frightened Engineer" quest. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #1: Community Center

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Community Center.

If you've traveled around a bit, there's a chance you've already discovered the Community Center north of Edgewater. Fast travel there and go inside. 

Be wary of the Marauders inside as they'll attack you almost as soon as you enter. Kill them and then go to the right and follow the stairs up to the room overlooking the Community Center entrance. 

Just inside the doorway, you'll see a table to your right with the second mechanical engineering book on it. There is a lamp without a shade standing in front of it. 

You can also come from the left side of the area, and the table will be on your left. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #2: Edgewater (The Cannery)

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Cannery in Edgewater.

The final mechanical engineering book is relatively easy to nab, too. Fast travel to Edgewater and go inside the cannery plant. Instead of taking the elevator up to Reed Tobson, though, go right and through the door and go straight ahead. 

You'll quickly run into some crates. Turn left to see a ladder. Take the ladder up and go through the doorway to your front and left. The third engineering tome is on a set of drawers along the right wall. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #3: Geothermal Plant

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Geothermal Plant; The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer quest

You should have already gained access to the Geothermal Plant at this point. If not, then something weird is going on with your copy of The Outer Worlds, and you should seek help. 

Return to the Geothermal Plant and go to the repair bay; it's the one with the big, fiery core in it with ladders leading downward. Chester Higgins is at the bottom. 

Climb all the way down to Chester and look along the right-hand wall, past Chester and his chessboard. Volume 3 is on the floor against the wall.

It's easy to miss the first time you're here, but not so much with a big, green waypoint marker sitting on top of it. 

Now, fast travel back to the Botanical Lab and speak with Thomas Kemp. Unfortunately, you have to give him each book individually, which takes a little bit of time. Here's what you'll get for your troubles: 

  • Book 1: 300 bits, reputation increase
  • Book 2: 500 bits, reputation increase
  • Book 3: 7,000 XP, reputation increase, Electro Charged Surface mod


That's all you need to know about completing "The Frightened Engineer" in The Outer Worlds. Now you know exactly where to go to get the engineering books faster and without all the hassle. For more tips and tricks for The Outer Worlds, be sure to head over to our guides page for the game

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Published Oct. 30th 2019

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