New Installment of Expeditions Takes Players to Rome

All roads lead to Rome, and the Expeditions franchise has finally gotten there in its latest installment.

Expeditions: Rome is the latest installment in the Expeditions series, announced by developer Logic Artists and publisher THQ Nordic. Expeditions: Rome is planned to come to PC via Steam and is scheduled for release sometime later this year. 

The cinematic announcement trailer shows the journey of the main protagonist Legatus from a young soldier to emperor of a nation. 

A gameplay trailer was also released alongside the cinematic trailer, giving a glimpse at the strategic and in-depth role-playing gameplay players can expect with Expeditions: Rome

The 1:41 trailer shows melee combat on a ship, the series' hex-tile system, choice-based dialog, the game's skills and inventory menus, and a number of locales. From the looks of it, Expeditions: Rome doesn't veer far from the franchise's tried formula.

Expeditions: Rome is the third installment in the Expeditions franchise, following Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking. According to the developers, your journey in Expeditions: Rome will take you to multiple locations, such as North Africa, Greece, Gaul, and, of course, Rome through a historically inspired story. 

You'll be able to customize and create your very own version of Legatus and have a party of up to five companions that you can bring along as you carve out your legacy. Stay tuned for more. 


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Published Apr. 28th 2021

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