Kojima: PS4 Can Easily Handle 1080p and 60FPS

The Metal Gear Solid creator says the PlayStation 4 has the technical edge.

Hideo Kojima is a legendary game designer. When he speaks, people tend to listen.

Recently, he addressed a hot topic in the industry today: The technical capabilities of the new next-generation consoles.

There have been numerous reports concerning the max resolution and frames per second of some multi platform titles, such as the recently released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. That title, along with last year's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and the upcoming Watch Dogs, reportedly run at 1080p and 60FPS on the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One versions only manage 30FPS.

In speaking to Famitsu (as translated by DualShockers), Kojima said Sony's machine simply has a bit more potential. In short, he says it's "the best."

"I think, between the home consoles available in the domestic market, the PS4 is the best. It's also excellent for graphics, being able to render 1080p at 60fps with room to spare. Since it does it a little better than other hardware, the image quality of the PS4 is the most beautiful. It's the closest to the photorealistic quality we are aiming at."

Kojima is already on the record saying that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes looks "slightly better" on PS4, even though we don't know the exact resolution and frames per second stats.

New PS4 owners should be happy with this news, but it's a good bet that most multi platform games on PS4 and Xbox One will be quite similar.

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Published Feb. 13th 2014
  • Skooma Sucker
    "it's a good bet that most multi platform games on PS4 and Xbox One will be quite similar"
    Well they haven't been so far, so why are you making that bet?
    CoD, BF4, Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider...all superior in resolution, graphics, and/or framerate on PS4.

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