New Eden Open Prize Money at Risk Due to Own3d Collapse

Streaming video providers have shut down, taking with the $10,000 in eSports prize money and a substantial amount of footage. The competition winners await word from New Eden Open tournament hosts, CCP Games.

The collapse of video streaming providers has left the winners of EVE Online's New Eden Open tournament bereft of their prize money.

The eSports event, which GameSkinny covered extensively, was promoted on the strength of its $10,000 prize pool which was to be provided by, as confirmed by tournament video co-ordinator Ólafur “CCP Bro” Steinarsson, who gave credit to "our good friends at Own3d [for] providing us with the prize money" in this update on the tournament organisation.

EVE Online forum enquiries from competitors still awaiting their New Eden Open prize money - $6,000 of which is due to go to the winners, Asine Hitama's team - have emerged two months after the dramatic final match.

Iceland-based Community Manager Pete 'CCP Navigator' McKay was quick to quell dissent with this response on 28th January:

However, as of the close of business in Reykjavik on Friday 1st February, no further details have yet been forthcoming from CCP Games, who hosted the tournament.

With the announcement of the foreclosure and the imminent removal of all online videos, Own3d users were left little time to recover their footage. It is currently unknown if the New Eden Open coverage is available elsewhere, but all links from GameSkinny's match reports are currently broken.

If an alternative source of footage becomes available I will endeavour to re-establish links to the appropriate matches.


Source: EVE Online forums (via

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Published Aug. 1st 2013
  • Mat Westhorpe
    Featured Columnist
    I doesn't bode well, does it. The NEO had a troubled start with some controversy surrounding the entry bidding process and a lack of competitors (27 teams applied for 32 places).

    In an article I've written for the upcoming issue of EON magazine, CCP Bro gives some insight into the future of the NEO, and it was less than certain then. Now with this hiccup, I wouldn't be surprised if CCP play it safe and just fall back on the more established Alliance Tournament.
  • Lioso Cadelanne
    I really hope this doesn't affect the future of the New Eden Open. It isn't super well established from what I understand. Despite this, I hope it can shake this bad news off.

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