Mojang's Cobalt WASD Is Free on Steam This Weekend

This weekend, Steam offers players a free download of Cobalt WASD, a fast-paced platformer with multiplayer features, published by Mojang of Minecraft fame.

Players who haven’t yet checked out Mojang’s frenetic platformer Cobalt WASD can download it for free on Steam through this weekend.

Developed by Oxeye Game Studio, the title typically sells for $6.99 and features both single-player and 4v4 asymmetrical multiplayer modes.

Players choose one of two teams of murderous robots -- the Metalfaces or the Protobots -- and battle it out in elaborately staged 2-D maps. One side rushes to plant bombs in the enemy base while the other defends against the onslaught, attempting to defuse any explosives that sneak through the cracks.

Each round earns these teams “volts,” which can be used to buy extravagant weaponry, tools, and armor. With this equipment, players unlock new ways to jump, dash, grapple, and teleport through the stages, their movement specifically calibrated to be played with a keyboard and mouse -- thus, the "WASD" in Cobalt WASD. These platforming elements make every campaign a fever-pitch race, as outmaneuvering your opponent becomes just as important as outshooting them.   

Cobalt WASD released in November to mostly positive reviews. It currently boasts 10 maps, with more reportedly in development. It also heavily advertises itself as a “fair game” that forgoes loot crates, edition exclusives, or pay-to-win models of gameplay.

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Published Jan. 19th 2018

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