Microsoft releases more info on HoloLens' FOV, battery life, and wireless options

Information has been released concerning Microsoft's HoloLens' battery life, wireless connectivity, and field of view!

Microsoft has shared further information concerning its upcoming virtual reality product HoloLens.

Bruce Harris, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, released the details at an event in Tel Aviv. He stated that the headset would work with full wireless functionality, utilising Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible device can connect to the HoloLens and it is also possible to link the device to somebody else's HoloLens, sharing an experience with them at the same time, whether that be for work or leisure. 

There will not be a wired version of the device.

In addition to this, the battery life can last up to 5.5 hours, depending on usage. This time will diminish to about 2.5 hours if using the device at maximum output.

Finally, when wearing the device, the field of view is equivalent to a 15-inch monitor that is roughly two feet away from your face. This is to reduce costs and improve battery life. However Harris did also state that as the manufacturing process improves the field of view will be increased.

The Microsoft HoloLens is scheduled to be released to developers very soon, but word on a general retail release has still not been announced.


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Published Jan. 18th 2016

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