Rumored Specs for Nintendo's New "Fusion" Systems

The Wii U may be heading south but maybe Nintendo has big plans for the future...

Nintendo's outlook isn't great. The Wii U appears to be a failing machine and for the first time in a while, the future isn't bright.

However, the legendary video game company may have an ace up its sleeve. They could be working on two next-gen systems (a portable and a home console) and in fact, we've already got some rumored specs. The source in question claims that Nintendo's new units are "not a rumor" and there's "no doubt that Nintendo's next systems are definitely in the works as we speak."

Check it out at GameinRealm: They admit that the listed specs aren't confirmed, and that it comes from an "anonymous origin." One of the most compelling items is the quote from the supposed insider.

“Before I go into the detail on the Softwear and OS features I overheard, I will like to do a upgraded recap on the specs of both machines. The codename is now “FUSION” and many the R&D want to keep that name for the main console release. The Handheld unit is called the “FUSION DS” while the home unit is called “FUSION TERMINAL.”

The listed specs are for the "Fusion DS" and the "Fusion Terminal," and tech buffs everywhere are already discussing. If Nintendo really does have a new handheld and a new console coming, the industry is going to absolutely explode. After all, so many people are ready to count out Nintendo and actually, Nintendo may acknowledge the Wii U as a "mistake:"

“Nintendo has already begun making demo software for the targeted prototype hardware in efforts to curb the Wii U mistake in the software pipeline (they started creating software after prototyping and were unable to give major software push the first two years as a result). Nintendo plans to make most of the software prototypes into games and applications around the launch of the unit.”

Hey, nobody in their right mind wants Nintendo to die

I sure don't. I believed from the start that the Wii U was a terrible idea, and I've said for years that there's far too much shovelware on Nintendo platforms these days. They just don't have enough in the way of AAA blockbusters, and you can't rely on your iconic mascots forever. Well, maybe you can, but you still need to present them in new and interesting ways.

Here's hoping Nintendo makes a huge unveiling at E3 and wows us all!

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Published Jan. 21st 2014
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    In the past, Sega made the mistake of releasing consoles too soon after each other. I'm not sure it's in Nintendo's best interests to announce a new console just yet. It shows that they're cutting off support to the Wii U, and it could alienate consumers who just purchased the console.
  • Bradley Sanders
    Seems alittle early for a new console with so many games planned for 2014 releases along with the unconfirmed games. Maybe 2015
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Yes, but they need to do something. No chance the Wii U lasts as long as the PS4/Xbox One generation.

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