Makers of Pid Brings Shelter to Steam

Indie studio Might and Delight have released a game trailer for new title Shelter which details the emotional story of being a badger just trying to keep her cubs alive.

 Badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom...As a longtime lover of the Redwall series (and anything Disney), I’ve always known that forest creatures have the capacity to be pretty damned feisty. Bring on the pirate foxes, mad rat lords, and stompy-booted humans; a handful of mice, cats, and badgers can always save the day.Not that you do much day-saving in Shelter, the newest title from indie studio Might and Delight (the makers of Pid, last year’s indie gem). No, here you’re a feisty momma badger just trying to survive... and keep your babies safe while you’re at it.You can check out the new gameplay footage here:As you can see, no matter how sweet and motherly you can be herding your cubs around and nibbling on leaves, Mother Nature always has something to throw at you—a sneaky fox, a roaring thunderstorm, strange sounds in the night—that’ll send you and your brood racing through the forest searching for shelter.If you’re one for sweet, emotional indie stories with soft music and swiftly-changing landscapes, the studio is trying to make it available on Steam, and you can cast your vote here to help it get Greenlit.Shelter is planned for release late summer 2013.

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Published Dec. 5th 2013

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