Newest Warriors All-Stars Trailer Features the Tamaki Clan

The newest trailer from KOEI Tecmo's Warriors All-Stars features the heroes of the Tamaki Clan.

A new trailer for the upcoming hack-and-slash game Warriors All-Stars highlights the members of the Tamaki Clan. The Tamaki Clan consists of many well-known characters from KOEI Tecmo's games.

The clan's roster includes Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Wang Yuanji, and Zhou Cang from the Dynasty Warriors series, Oka, Tokitsugu and Horo from Toukiden, Sophie and Plachta from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Book, Opoona, the main character from Opoona, and Princess Tamaki.

In Warriors All-Stars, the King has passed away. The power source of the land has dried up. In an attempt to save her kingdom, Princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon saviors. The summoning spirals out of control, and the heroes are scattered across the kingdom.

These saviors are meant to help the Princess redeem the kingdom and to earn her place on the throne. Unfortunately, descendants of the royal family Setsuna and Shiki are also competing to rule the land. The three competitors must choose their heroes and fight for the royal throne.

Warriors All-Stars will be released this year in North America (August 29) and Europe (September 1) on PlayStation 4 and Steam.


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Published May. 18th 2017

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