Resident Evil 7's New Trailer Announces Free-For-All Demo

Have you seen the Resident Evil 7's tasty feast?

Resident Evil 7’s demo is now free for all PS4 users. Early on, the demo was only accessible to PlayStation Plus members but, now you’re able to be freaked out by this horror gameplay whether or not you have a Plus account. And this was announced via the creepy trailer below:

If you don’t have the time to play the demo, this brand new trailer from Capcom should satisfy your taste until you can get your shaky, sweaty palms on a controller. The trailer features the Baker family enjoying an oh-so-appetizing meal filled with caviar, Hawaiian dinner rolls and a plump roast…or maybe cockroaches and guts. Either way, the trailer is an, catcher.

Resident Evil releases on January 24 for all platforms.  Get some practice in with the demo and tell us if you’re thinking of snagging this game. The Deluxe edition is available for preorder at $80, and it comes with two more pieces of additional content: four shot side stories, plus another episode of the main game.

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Published Sep. 15th 2016

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