Denver Beats Seahawks in Super Bowl, Madden Simulation Predicts

EA's Madden predicts the winner of Super Bowl 48...don't laugh.

A simulator attempts to recreate reality in a virtual world. Over the years, video game simulators have become more and more realistic.

Therefore, don't just dismiss these results. According to a Madden NFL 25 simulation, the Denver Broncos will squeak past the Seattle Seahawks in this weekend's Super Bowl. EA Sports revealed the results: Broncos kicker Matt Prater nails a tough 48-yard field goal to seal the deal on a thrilling overtime victory. QB Peyton Manning was named MVP with a 322-yard, 3-touchdown performance.

If you're wondering, the game was played on Xbox One and they used the latest roster updates. If you want to check out the video replay, go right ahead.

Now, as I was saying about not dismissing these results: The Madden Super Bowl simulation has accurately predicated 8 of the last 10 Lombardi Trophy winners. That's a much better percentage than most commentators and other football experts.

As for the real game, that will be played on Sunday, February 2 at MetLife Stadium.

8 out of 10? That'

I suppose you could flip a coin and get it right 8 out of 10 times. I bet there are many who said they correctly predicted the each of the last 10 Super Bowl winners. Still, having a video game prove accurate is a testament to how far this industry has come, and don't forget that many of those simulations weren't just right...they were eerily accurate in terms of score and stats.

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Published Jan. 27th 2014
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I agree with the simulator that it is going to be an exhilarating, tough, long game. But I really think the Seahawks have the advantage. The Seahawks current QB is actually my age, my graduating class, from my high school rival school here in Richmond. All those times he kicked our ass in high school better pay off with a super bowl win.

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