DC Universe Online gets an Xbox One version

DC Universe Online celebrates 5 years by announcing an Xbox One version.

DC Universe Online creator Daybreak Games announced via Twitter today that they will be creating an Xbox One version of the popular MMO. Previously only available on PC and PlayStation 3 and 4, the former Sony-owned company announced the plans as part of their five year anniversary celebration. 

Formerly Sony Online Entertainment, the company was sold and became an independent studio back in February of last year. The team renamed themselves Daybreak Games, and have continued providing support for their popular MMO since.

Announced at the same time was PC and PS4 cross-play that allows users from both systems to play together - if they can get along, of course. That particular feature will make its debut on the 25th of January.

Players can also look forward to content that ties into DC's new Legends of Tomorrow TV show, as well as new storylines that have to do with the likes of Superman and Harley Quinn. Some of the remaining announcements include a new powerset and anniversary gifts.

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Published Jan. 13th 2016

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