Cards Against Humanity Meets Mass Effect

Get ready for some slightly disturbing alien encounters in this popular adult card game.

Today it was announced that the popular 18 rated card game, Cards Against Humanity, has teamed up with the folks at Bioware to bring fans a Mass Effect themed expansion pack. As it stands, the pack will consist of 14 cards and will bring a whole host of Mass Effect quotes and references for fans to play with.

For those who don't know what Cards Against Humanity is about, it is a game in which you are faced with amusing and somewhat rude/silly/political questions and answers. All you and your friends need to do it to come up with the funniest combo.

Previous expansion packs that appeal to gamers and geeks alike, are the Geek Pack which consists of cards relating to roleplay, video games and cult TV shows, the Sci-Fi pack which takes a look at space, the future and all things science fiction, and the Fantasy Pack which was co-written by famous names such as Pat Rothfuss, Neil Gaiman and Martha Wells.

You can get your limited edition Mass Effect pack here and if you do, tell us which fantastic card combos you get!


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Published Feb. 23rd 2017

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