PS4 Controller vs. XBOX 360 Controller vs. PS3 Dualshock

Here's to another seven years of console gaming!

We got our hands on the new PS4 Controller (when I say we, I mean Stephen. I'll just take the credit). As Stephen mentions in the video, this is the fourth generation PS controller and it is all down to the details now. Although all the changes are minor, when you put it all together, you get an amazing controller.

First off, the new controller is wider than both the PS3 and 360 controllers. This is only a little wider, but it still makes a nice difference. This added bit of width gives enough room for some of the other features that we like about the controller.

The major feature that needs that extra room is the touchpad.

The touchpad has a very nice  texture; it's smooth, yet there is enough resistance that it will be easy to use. The touchpad is also clickable--it's the same sort of feeling as clicking the right and left analog sticks.

On either side of the touchpad are the Share and Option buttons. The buttons are placed in easy-to-reach spots--so much so, that they made the buttons flush with the controller surface. You really have to try to press these buttons, so don't worry about accidentally sharing out an episode of your noobishness on accident.

They also moved the PlayStation button further down between the sticks. It seems the be naturally guarded from accidental dashboarding.

The last button improvement I am very impressed with is the triggers.

They changed the texture of the buttons to be more grippy than the PS3 controller. They also curved the bottom so it sort of cradles your fingers.

The final addition to the controller is the extension and headphone ports between the sticks, much like the 360 controller. I'm assuming this means we'll be able to get a keyboard extension for this controller as well.

Over all I am very happy with the new controller. It feels great and looks like it is built to last the upcoming console generation.

Published Oct. 30th 2013
  • Vrothgarr
    Featured Correspondent
    My biggest gripe about the PS3 controller was the trigger buttons, and how my fingers would always slide off R2 & L2 when held for long amounts of time. Glad to see they've made some strides, even if they're just minute alterations.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Ya, that's exactly how I would put it. A handful of minute alterations made a huge difference. I'm going to buy one just to plug into my computer, it feels that good to hold.
  • Vrothgarr
    Featured Correspondent
    I've been using a 360 controller with my PC for years now. I may wind up switch if it is that awesome.

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