Is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided the Anticipated Next-Gen Entry?

We all want a new Deus Ex, and maybe a next-gen announcement isn't far off!

In the opinion of many critics and avid gamers, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the top games of the previous generation.

Can't wait to see a next-gen iteration, can you?

Well, nothing is official just yet, but we may have stumbled upon the name of the next installment in the award-winning franchise. As noticed by a NeoGAF forumite, Square Enix has registered a trademark for a product called "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided."

This was registered in Europe and entered the OHIM's database just recently, on March 27. Developer Eidos Montreal revealed that they were working on a next-gen entry last year, but they haven't formally announced a title, estimated date, or targeted platforms. Chances are, it'll be coming to all major platforms, and we're hoping it'll be ready sooner rather than later.

Just don't farm out the boss fights this time

Human Revolution really was great, but the boss encounters were lacking. This is because, for some bizarre reason, this portion of the game wasn't handled by the main development team. They outsourced the boss fights, which is why they didn't gel with the rest of the game. Those who wanted to play the game 100 percent stealthily were stymied by the deadly limitations of those boss fights, and many were not amused.

Provided they don't do this again, we should get another stellar experience.

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Published Mar. 28th 2014
  • Ryu Sheng
    I'm so torn over this TBH. I;m a huge Deus Ex fan, played the original to death. But sadly every game since then hasn't lived up to the original. Granted HR was a great game, but it was lacking in so many areas. Personally i found the boss fights to be the least of the problems. The game was very structured and lacking in the feel of the original, and the open world feel. Then the was the whole fake stealth aspect and hacking urgh. Regardless of whether you knew the codes or not you hacked because it gave you huge rewards.

    Obviously i'll still pre-order and buy it cause it's a Dues Ex game, but i'm hoping and praying and sacrificing to the gaming gods that they actually do a good job this time.

    Also that they don't screw us over again with another Directors Cut!! Promising a load of stuff, then changing their minds after a load of people bought the damn thing

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