New Updates Coming to GTA Online

GTA 5 may be a little long in the tooth, but there's still new content coming.

Six years on from its original release, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still receiving new content. Recently, we learned that more updates to GTA Online are in the works. 

Following 31 previous updates, Rockstar North Co-Studio Head Rob Nelson revealed that new DLC is coming down the pipe in the foreseeable future. The news comes from an interview with PCGamer.

There are plans for holiday-themed content in December and beyond. Additional updates and potential new limited-time modes are expected to arrive in the run-up to an official GTA 6 announcement. Though we don't know much if anything about the game, we expect it is likely to hit next-gen consoles.

Nelson specifically had this to say about what's still to come for GTA Online:

We try to keep plans going roughly a year out, but we want to have the flexibility to be responsive to any changes. So we choose not to telegraph that entire timeline to players.

That said, players should feel confident that we have a ton of brand new ideas still to come. It’s been six years and we just hit record player numbers and we are all incredibly grateful to everyone who’s been with us along the way.

Most recently, GTA Online saw the addition of the Ocelot Jugular sports car at Legendary Motorsport, as well as a 16-player King Of The Hill mode split between two teams. 

While Grand Theft Auto 5's online player base continues to see new players, Rockstar is also now focused on content for Red Dead Redemption 2 after the lauded Wild West outlaw simulator finally hit PC.

Red Dead Online has seen plenty of extra content, including new specialist roles, legendary bounties, and the limited-time supernatural-themed Fear Of The Dark update.

For more on GTA 5, GTA Online, and (eventually) GTA 6, stay tuned to GameSkinny. 

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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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