Mega Man's New Look and New Details Revealed for Animated Series

Mega Man has his own animated series on the way, with a whole new look and setting to explore.

Dentsu Entertainment shed some light on its upcoming Mega Man animated series, set to release in 2017. Our hero's iconic blue armor and Mega Buster have seen a redesign, but that's only the start for the Blue Bomber. 

The series follows the adventures of Aki Light, who balances being a super fighting robot and trying to live the life of an average boy. Fans of the franchise can expect to see the return of faithful robot canine Rush, but Dentsu promises a few new characters along the way, such as "Mega Mini."

The new series is a collaboration between Dentsu Entertainment, DHX Media, and Man of Action Entertainment, the team responsible for Ben 10 and the characters of Big Hero 6.  The series, aimed at a younger audience, hopes to mix comedy with robot-bashing action. Most importantly, the new show is an opportunity to bring Mega Man to TV screens after a long hiatus.


I could play video games until my eyes give out. They're halfway there already, I suppose.

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Published May. 29th 2016
  • Amy_8642
    I'm looking forward to this now! I didn't realize the creators of Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 were a part of it! I loved those too.

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