Injustice (Mobile) - Not Challenged Enough? V2.1 is HERE!

New Challenges, New Characters and New Features on tap for those who fight Injustice!

NetherRealm Studios had been releasing a regular Challenge Mode consistently for Injustice: Gods Among Us for the past several months. So, the lack of a new one this past Sunday was curious, but now all is revealed.

Injustice, Version 2.1 has been posted to the Apple App Store. There does still not appear to be a Version 2.0, let alone 2.1 for Android users, yet.

Do note that this new update brings Injustice to a hefty 746mb of storage space on your iPad or iPhone device.

So, What's in the Bag?

New Challenge Modes for one thing. And the coming Challenges appear to be a mixed bag. Killer Frost, one of the original console fighters, had still been missing from the mobile app. Popular variants like Luchadore Bane and Red Son Batman as well as Arkham Origins Deathstroke are also on tap.

Bonus Round!

12 new types of PvP Bonus Missions have been added, if the other missions were too easy for you. But, the cool thing they've added is a new feature that will allow you to SKIP a frustrating mission once per day. I know how much of a pain it is to hit a wall, and feel like - if I could just get past this ONE.

Bring It On!

For players who prefer the multi-player mode, some balancing tweaks to make it harder for the top players. Does that include those hackers will all maxed gear? We'll see. Speaking of gear, more nifty items are promised as well.


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Published Jun. 24th 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    FINALLY! One skip per day works for me! I'm still holding off on updating though due to lack of space.

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