BlizzCon 2013: Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

I pulled together a brief overview of the coolest mechanics and features for the upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

Background of Heroes of the Storm

  • Inspired by the modding community.
  • Was originally used in 2010 as a demonstration for StarCraft II map editor.
  • Meant to be as quick, easy, and fun with friends as possible.
  • HearthStone was also a proof of concept.

Big Mechanic Changes

  • Multiple maps with different layouts and creeps
  • Huge emphasis on objectives
  • Mounts for quick lane to lane travel
  • No items!
  • Teams level together (shared experience)
  • Multiple ultimate abilities
  • Short matches
  • Towers with limited ammunition

Blizzard Multiverse Heroes

  • Every hero from any of the games will be in the game (yes that includes classics, BlackThorne etc.)
  • Multiple versions of heroes, for example, Prince Arthas and The Lich King Arthas.
  • Some heroes don't fall into the lore, such as Elite Tauren Chieften and the Murlock + Diablo offspring.
  • Lots of skins!

Then there is the hilarious video by Car Bot Animations to showcase the humor of the game.

Published Nov. 12th 2013

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