Hong Kong Youtuber Banned for Leaking Super Mario Odyssey

You have to ask if the hour's worth of content was worth the three-month ban.

Nobody likes spoilers, especially when it comes to gaming releases. Especially, Nintendo. A Hong Kong YouTuber leaked an hour's worth of Super Mario Odyessy gameplay online before the release date and has been banned from YouTube for three months. 

Super Mario Odyessy, released today, has been trending for months and is already considered to be one of the hottest games Nintendo has ever developed. In Hong Kong, retailers are known for breaking the rules and releasing games to customers before the release date. Nintendo is very strict with gamers streaming their games on YouTube without Nintendo getting a piece of the pie. Unless YouTubers sign up for the Nintendo Creator Program, they can't stream Nintendo Games. Fair or not, this leak is probably something this streamer will regret. 

Do you think this punishment was too harsh, or is it an appropriate slap on the wrist? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and guides for Super Mario Odyssey. 






Published Oct. 27th 2017

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