E3 2017: Bethesda Predictions

Fallout 4 VR

Let's start off with a safe prediction. At last year's E3 showcase, Bethesda, much to the shock of the audience, revealed Fallout 4 for VR. The company has already announced that the game will make an appearance at E3, and will be playable on the show floor for the public.

Speaking about the Fallout VR experience, developer Todd Howard has called it mind-blowing and said fans won't believe how amazing it is. Of course this is probably PR talk, but the prospect of Fallout in VR is pretty enticing. There has yet to be any announced platforms for Fallout VR, but the game was said to be slated for release this year. Fallout 4 would be a massive boost for any of the VR platforms, but you have to imagine it would make an appearance on the most powerful hardware in that corner of the market right now -- the HTC Vive.

Last year Bethesda also revealed Doom for VR, so we can probably expect to see more of that, as well as a release date for Fallout. We could be in for a surprisingly VR-heavy showcase from Bethesda.

Published May. 28th 2017

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