10 Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

The Wizarding World can be taken to new heights with player-made mods. Here's our list of the 10 best mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

As magical as Hogwarts Legacy already can be, nothing compares to the magic of PC mods. There are tons of cosmetic and gameplay mods already available for the game, there's sure to be at least one you'll want to install. From absurd model changes to alternative controls, here is our selection of the 10 Best Hogwarts Legacy mods so far.

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods

Arachnophobia Mode Mod

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If you've ever read or watched any Wizarding World media, you shouldn't be surprised that spider creatures of all unnatural manner of sizes can be found within caves and near the Forbidden Forest. Although they are simple enemies, they’re animated quite well and are sure to make some shudder in fear as they crawl along the walls and surround the player.

This is where the Arachnophobia Mode mod shines. It changes all the spider models into simple geometric boxes. As someone with Arachnophobia, I can confirm that this turned previously uncomfortable encounters into hilarious ones. Setting them on fire will still create a spider-shaped fire effect around them and prompt some horrifying screeching though.

Arithmancy Number Marking Mod

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You’re bound to come across particular Arithmancy Doors while walking around Hogwarts. Each of these doors is locked and requires you to solve a simple arithmetic puzzle to unlock it.

The Arithmancy Number Marking mod can shave a couple of extra seconds off by displaying some important numbers. It admittedly doesn’t save that much time overall, but it’s garnered interest from many people who need some extra help or don’t want to do more mental math. If you do want to know the secret to solving the puzzles without a mod, we’ve got you covered.

Dot Reticle Mod

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The targeting reticle used in Hogwarts Legacy is hard to miss. While it is stylish and evokes some magical theming, it is a bit on the larger size. There’s no in-game method of changing or customizing it either.

Dot Reticle is a mod that offers four smaller sizes and even an option to have no reticle at all. They all feel a bit more natural and it’s worth looking over images of each one to get a feel for which you’d prefer.

Smaller UI Mod

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Speaking of making things smaller, a lot of the UI and text are pretty large. Again, there’s no in-game way to change the size.

Coming in to fix this is Smaller UI. This mod offers three options for how much you’d like to size everything down and affects everything from the HUD to the size of each menu. For those with bigger screens, it is possible to take it down too much, so it’s worth downloading a couple of options to see what’s best.

Better Broom Control Mod

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Riding brooms is a must for any Wizarding World game. In Hogwarts Legacy, it’s possible to ride one throughout most of the open world. A caveat to this is it doesn’t feel great. Buttons can be changed, but the general control scheme is a bit awkward to some.

Better Broom Control shifts things around so that you can choose the direction with the left stick and control the camera with the right. It feels a lot smoother and a lot more modern.

Mouse Controls for Broom Mod

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If you thought broom controls felt weird on a controller, you’ll find the experience a lot more challenging with a keyboard and mouse. Using WASD keys to control flying direction isn’t exactly the most comfortable.

Mouse Controls for Broom presents an alternative control scheme that utilizes the mouse for flying direction. The remaining controls are the same and even the original buttons can be used, but most will prefer the freedom that comes with using the mouse.

The Elder Wand Mod

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No other wand is more infamous and powerful than the Elder Wand. Even if it wouldn’t give you the same mighty power, who wouldn’t want their wand to look like it in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Elder Wand mod does just that by swapping your standard wand model for one that looks like the real thing. Of course, if you wanted to make one as close as possible without using a mod, we have a guide for that.

Ford Anglia 105E Mod

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There are multiple brooms that can be purchased or unlocked. If you wanted your broom to look entirely different, you have plenty of options to choose from with mods.

Arguably the most absurd mod is also very Harry Potter-specific. Ford Anglia 105E turns your broom into the same magical flying Weasly car from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Sometimes the model glitches a bit and your character’s legs will stick out, but nothing comes close to flying a Ford around a castle.

Silencio - Floo Lady Silencer Mod

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Traveling by broom is fun, but you don’t always have access to your broom and fast traveling is much quicker for the open world. The in-universe reason for fast travel is naturally because of Floo Powder and each fast travel location has a talking plaque of the inventor, Ignatia Wildsmith, with it.

Although she seems nice and is deservedly proud of her invention, it won’t take long before you’ve memorized every line of dialogue she has. Silencio - Floo Lady Silencer stops her from speaking so that you can fast-travel with peace and quiet.

Ascendio Mod

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Hogwarts Legacy is a large game and it regrettably isn’t without some problems. Many have reported various issues across PC platforms and console platforms alike.

For players in the former category who have had trouble running Hogwarts Legacy, Ascendio is a helpful mod to have. It utilizes some choice Unreal Engine tweaks to fix stuttering and boost FPS. Official fixes from the developer would be preferred, but this is a vetted solution that has improved many player experiences.

That’s it for our top ten best Hogwarts Legacy mods. With mods or without, there’s still a lot of fun to be had and our Hogwarts Legacy guides can provide all the tips and tricks you need.

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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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