Top 10 Strategy Games We're Looking Forward to in 2019

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Love Fire Emblem? Got a Nintendo Switch?

If the answer to both questions is "yes", Nintendo's got what you want.

As the technology has improved on Nintendo's consoles, the depth of Intelligent Systems' fantasy franchise has improved with it, with ever-deeper gameplay, and recent iterations of the series have even come with a few anti-frustration features to minimize the game's notorious controller-breaking difficulty.

Furthermore, the trailer hints at an open world of some sort, possibly blending in more traditional RPG elements to go with the strategy gaming that is the series' hallmark.

How much of that will be in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, we haven't seen yet, but when this game hits the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019, all will be revealed.

Published Nov. 19th 2018

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