Magic Life-Sim Witchbrook Gets Charming Art Redesign

Chucklefish's magic school simulator got a makeover, and it looks fantastic.

Chucklefish announced its new project, Witchbrook, a while back, but we got a glimpse of some gorgeous new artwork and the official Witchbrook website today. There's still not a whole lot of detail about the school, but it's clear Chucklefish revamped Witchbrook's art style in a big way.

Game Informer first spotted the changes and the new website earlier today.

If this is the first time you heard about Witchbrook, it's basically Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter. You play as a young witch attending magic school, and you'll work on building your magic skills plus developing the surrounding town and, of course, your relationships.

There's no word on whether we can expect some magical marriages, but you will at least have to decide on a prom date.

The image above is how Witchbrook first looked. It's smooth, and pleasant enough, but we can't deny it's a bit sterile looking too.

And here's how it looks now:

It's officially isometric now, as well, and it's interesting how just a slight tilt in perspective helps add character and life to the game.

Here's one more, just for good measure  and because there's a pixel squirrel on the tree in the bottom right. 

Chucklefish says it can't confirm an anticipated release date or platforms for Witchbrook yet, but plans on posting updates on Twitter when they happen.

The original story is over on Game Informer, or you can head to the official Witchbrook site as well. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Witchbrook news as it bubbles out of the cauldron.


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Published Apr. 2nd 2020

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