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Recently, Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new trailer for Batman: Return to Arkham. The remaster will feature new additions which include a higher resolution and new lighting effects for example.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were developed by Rocksteady Studios for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC originally. After the release of Arkham Asylum in 2009, Batman's rising video game popularity lead to a number of titles, the most recent being Batman Arkham Knight.

In the new video, we see a side by side comparison of the both games alongside their new versions. The collection of both titles well also includes all the respective DLC for both games. Previously, Batman: Return to Arkham was scheduled to release back in July. The title was reported to have an undetermined release date at that time for undisclosed reasons.

Fans of action adventures and superhero titles can look forward to Batman: Return to Arkham this Fall.


Batman: Arkham Knight Game of the Year Leaked Sun, 29 May 2016 09:56:07 -0400 Tom Clark

Batman: Arkham Knight looks like it will soon be receiving a Game of the Year Edition according to a premature listing found on an online retailer.

Amazon Germany reveals that that the game is scheduled to be released in late July this year. The retailer also only listed the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, it doesn't indicate a release for PC. This might be due to early issues with Batman: Arkham Knight's PC port, or the listing just hasn't been updated to include a PC version.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Game of the Year Edition box art via IGN

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has shown no indication on revealing the game. On the other hand, Warner Bros. did confirm Batman: Return to Arkham. This collection will include remastered versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, with enhanced visuals and all DLC packs included.

Fallout 4 gets Best Game award at the BAFTA Game Awards 2016 Thu, 07 Apr 2016 13:04:46 -0400 ESpalding

Bethesda has done it! Fallout 4 was just announced as Best Game at the British Academy Game Awards in London. Tonight's event saw game professionals gather at Tobacco Dock in London for the ceremony, which was held during the first day of this year's EGX Rezzed event. It was hosted by the Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain, a man known to many in the UK for his love of video games.

There were 3 other games who also stood out, all winning 3 awards on the evening: Her Story - an interactive movie video game developed, written and directed by Sam Barlow, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - an adventure game set in an English village which comes from developers The Chinese Room, and Rocket League - a physics-based soccer game played using futuristic vehicles from Psyonix.

As well as the Academy Awards won tonight, there was also an award for "One to Watch" which is awarded for new talent and innovation within the industry. This year's nominated games were all selected from games which were showcased in August last year at the Dare Protoplay festival in Dundee. The winner of this year's award was SUNDOWN. Developed by Mild Beast Games, SUNDOWN is a top-down stealth shooter which sees players plunged into darkness in a "last man standing" shootout.

Full list of winners from the 2016 British Academy Game Awards

Artistic Achievement

Ori and the Blind Forest

Moon Studios

Audio Achievement

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

The Chinese Room

Best Game

Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks

British Game

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios

Debut Game

Her Story

Sam Barlow


Rocket League


Game Design



Game Innovation

Her Story

Sam Barlow

Mobile & Handheld

Her Story

Sam Barlow


Rocket League



Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

The Chinese Room

Original Property

Until Dawn

Supermassive Games


Merle Dandridge (Everybody's Gone to the Rapture)

The Chinese Room

Persistent Game

Prison Architect

Introversion Software


Rocket League



Life is Strange

Dontnod Entertainment

Amazon Germany Leaks Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition Sat, 30 Jan 2016 06:24:20 -0500 Eric Adams

The Dark Knight will return to consoles in the form of a Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition, according to a leaked listing on Amazon Germany. While it does not specify what is to come with the Special Edition, the listing does carry a March 17th release date. So, we will likely be hearing more about this edition of Batman: Arkham Knight very soon.

News of this special edition should warrant the attention of fans of the series. While Arkham Knight was well received, many questioned the season pass and the bare bones DLC that came with it. It will be interesting to see what is included in this version of the game. 

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally released on June 23rd, 2015 and featured monthly DLC updates. The season pass for the game cost $49.99 -- which certainly earned some criticism from gamers. So, it seems to be a pretty safe assumption that Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition will include all of the DLC released to date. This would be following in the footsteps of Mortal Kombat XL, which includes the original game plus all DLC. For more details on Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition as they're revealed, be sure to keep an eye on GameSkinny.  


Joseph Ocasio's favorite games of 2015 Part 2 Mon, 18 Jan 2016 11:13:27 -0500 Joseph Ocasio


So that was 2015 in gaming and what a year it has been. Now we look towards the future and hope that 2016 was just as incredible. Agree, disagree, both? Tell me what your favorite games where of 2015


1. Batman: Arkham Knight


I'll admit to some unfair bias for this title. Batman is my favorite super hero. My favorite film is The Dark Knight, and my collection of Batman GN is second to none. Even so, Arkham Knight is still the quintessential Batman experience, and represents Rocksteady's firm grasp of the definitive Batman game creators. 


Arkham Knight tells a far more mature story than it's predecessors. With it's signature combat, and it's numerous tweaks and adjustments it creates the ultimate Gotham City, all without a hitch. This is easily the best looking, best playing,  best game of 2015. Oh, and the Batman Mobile is fun. There, I said it. 


2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


It's easy to say that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the best gameplay in series history despite the behind the scenes trouble with Konami and creator Hideo Kojima. But what isn't easy to do is to pin down what exactly makes MGS V an outstanding game in a single paragraph. I'll try anyway.


Refining not just a generation of MGS gameplay, but transcending the sand-box genera, Metal Gear Solid V has done what few games have been able to do; create a world where emergent game design is king. Every second feels important and every minute something is changing, making you discover and refine your abilities as a player. Top that with one of the most bold and vigorous stories in Metal Gear Solid history, and you can see why this has been getting so many perfect scores from other outlets.


3. Halo 5: Guardians


In 2005, my cousin brought over her brother's Xbox and we played Halo 2 split screen. That was my first ever experience with Halo, and I have loved this franchise for over 10 years. I'll admit that I was a bit Halo-ed out after Halo 4 and did not play the series for some time. But, I think I needed that 3 year break, because after Halo 5 I just want to keep playing this iconic series for years to come.


Halo 5 has it all, Intense and fast paced combat running at 60fps, addictive multiplayer in the form of Warzone, and the best campaign level design in the series. The story, despite it's sometimes melodramatic moments, felt far more interesting than most entries in the series. Sure, 343 Industries has made a few mistakes with this one; the inclusion of microtransactions is a puzzling design. But, in all, Halo hasn't felt this good in years.


4. The Witcher 3


Like Fallout , I was never a fan of the previous game in this franchise, The Witcher 2.  (Note, I don't own a PC and never played the original.)


Despite that, I found The Witcher 3 to be exceptional in many ways. While the game's story took a bit to get going, once it did it became an adventure like no other. With improved combat, a more accessible menu and crafting system, and one of the best worlds in gaming, The Witcher 3 is an adventure like no other.


5. Fallout 4


I have something to admit, I didn't like Fallout 3 nor New Vegas. I found the stories in those games boring, the combat unexciting, and the worlds to be dull and uninteresting. However, I decided to still give Fallout 4 a chance and ended up falling for it.


The combat was vastly improved, the world and characters more interesting, and the plot was more engaging. Despite some minor technical issues and some difficulty spikes, I found Fallout 4 to be the definitive Fallout experience and a great game.


2015 was an incredible year in gaming, with new and old franchises getting their day in the sun. Some of them were disappointing, but we're here to remember those that were rose above the rest to make 2015 what it was. Last time, we killed both the living and the dead, raided some tombs, and splatted the world together. Now we're looking at the final five games that stood above the rest. Let's begin...

Top 5 game over screens in video games Thu, 07 Jan 2016 19:09:37 -0500 Steven Oz


The Grand Theft Auto series used "Wasted" and "Busted" instead of 'game over'. Rockstar wanted to create a world that used pop culture as it base. These words don't tell you to give up like others but in bolden your skill as a gamer to try harder.


Resident Evil brought a whole new dimension of horror to video games: zombies, haunted houses and deadly traps. Saving and ammo in this game was sparse, so you had to plan each and every step you took. When you died, the game tells you. You might already know this but this screen rubbed it in, like salt in a wound.


How do you portray the blood and guts of Friday the 13th movie in a video game? With a simple eight-word statement: "You and your friends are dead. Game Over." That is it, there is no continue screen, just a black background. Jason won and you are dead. Simple, to the point, and powerful. 


The Metal Gear Solid series has one of the most unique and memorable death/game over screens in gaming history. When the main character Snake dies, he lets out a final scream. You hear "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAKKEEE!!!" on his radio as his partners try to contact him. There have been countless of parodies of this yell in games and other media. 


Batman: Arkham series was superhero game fans deserved. You are the knight, the hand of justice, you are Batman. All of the Batman's iconic villains broke out and it is up to you to put them back. Rocksteady's game took the a game over screen and flipped it. They gave each of the villains their due in all of the games. There is no mention of game over but the villains taunt your play style and revel in the defeat of Batman.


You stocked piled health potions and slept at the inn. On the final approach to the boss, the doors swing open and the boss instantly kills you. The screen fades to black, as two words appear: GAME OVER.


Gamers know these words quite well, they mean defeat. You were not fast enough or you did not time that combo as well. Game Over screens are as iconic as some of the games itself, here are our top 5 game over screens in gaming.

Batman-inspired items coming to Team Fortress 2 Mon, 07 Dec 2015 12:44:52 -0500 Zanne Nilsson

A bunch of new community-made items inspired by Batman: Arkham Knight are coming to Team Fortress 2.

The items, which allow players to dress their characters up as people from the world of Batman, were the chosen winners of a Warner Bros.-sponsored contest from back in October when Arkham Knight was re-released on Steam. Some of the items - such as the Arkham Cowl, which can be worn by any character, and the Pyro-exclusive Fear Monger hood - will be available for free in Genuine Quality to users who bought that version of the game.

The winning items - the creators of which will be getting "a list of games from WB" - are as follows:

The Fear Monger

The Arkham Cowl

The Firefly

The honorable mentions, which will be "showcased in the Mann Co. Store along with the winning items," are:

The Teufort Knight

Pocket Villains

Retro Batbelt

The Buttler (belt only)

The Batter's Bracers

Sixties Sidekick Set (Sidekick's Side Slick, The Bat Backup, The Crook Combatant)

The Caped Crusader

The Hood of Sorrows

Batman: Arkham Knight Nov 24 patch notes Wed, 25 Nov 2015 11:20:45 -0500 cdiponzia

Warner Bros. released a list of patch notes on Steam recently for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. The patch notes list the fixes of a variety of problems the game has been experiencing. For example, the bug that was causing full-screen movies to play half the refresh rate on a particular system, or not being able to counter the Mini-Gun Brute when spotted as Batman or Nightwing. 

Arkham Knight November 24 PC Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a hitch during some game saves
  • Fixed a Windows 10 issue causing the game to be unresponsive on launch when the keyboard language was set to Japanese, Japanese Microsoft IME, Korean, Chinese (Traditional) or Chinese (Simplified)
  • Fixed minor delay when aiming a gadget when playing with a keyboard and mouse
  • Fixed a bug causing full-screen movies to play at half the monitor's refresh rate on some systems
  • Fixed players sometimes not being able to counter the Mini-Gun Brute after being spotted when playing as Nightwing or Batman
  • Fixed a performance drop that occurred when encountering Man-Bat for the first time
  • Fixed some Multi-Monitor specific bugs
  • Some improvements to mouse and keyboard bindings
  • Improved VRAM management to reduce framerate hitches
  • Stability improvements for rare crash issues
  • Fixed an issue causing certain types of lights & shadows to render incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue causing the game process to occasionally remain running in the background for a period of time
  • Fixed the Knightfall Protocol not being able to activate under certain conditions
  • Fixed a progression blocker that could occur in Stagg Airships when leaving the predator room after only knocking out one of the guards
  • Fixed damage states for Batman’s V8.03 skin in Story Mode after selecting an alternate skin for AR Challenges
  • Fixed missing rain effects on several Batman skins (fix for the 1970s and Arkham Origins skins coming soon)
  • Added support for new DLC releasing on November 24th
  • Play as other characters in AR predator challenges

The PC version of the game, which originally came out along with the PS4 and Xbox One version back in June 2015, was removed from sale by Warner Bros. The reason being is that the game had so many technical problems that it was deemed unplayable. It was released once again just back in October 2015 with a deal of the entire Batman Arkham series for free to make up for the problems.

However, despite the relaunch and variety of fixes, the game is still experiencing a multitude of issues. 

The developer said on their Steam Page, "We are very sorry that many of our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues."

In response to this, Warner Bros. started a refund program. Anyone who wants their money back can return the game regardless of how many hours they played until the end of 2015. Even people who bought the DLC pass can get a refund for the pass as long as they give up the DLC along with the full game. 

What do you think? How much trouble have you had with Batman: Arkham Knights PC? Does the recent patch help? Let us know in the comments below.

Arkham Knight's November DLC now available, includes Batman vs Superman content Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:01:41 -0500 astik_anand

Rocksteady has released a hefty 1.8 GB update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Batman Arkham Knight. The 1.11 update offers minor fixes, new AR Challenge maps, and adds some new content.

Update 1.11 will also importantly introduce Batman vs Superman content from the upcoming movie. It also brings two new Arkham Episodes namely, Catwoman's Revenge, which lets you play as Catwoman, and Flip of a Coin, which lets you take control of Batman's side-kick Robin.

The 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile pack launches today for people who own the $40 Arkham Knight DLC Pass. Everyone else can get their hands on it only after December 1 for free.

The update fixes a few bugs including the Knightfall glitch, which showed an objective marker on GCPD roof despite already triggering the Knightfall Protocol. It also allows Predator character switching. Two new AR Challenge maps: Shark Bait, and Jailbreak, are also among the contents of the update. More DLCs for the game are in line-up for December and January. The complete patch notes are given below:

  • Robin can now Quickfire Explosive Gel with R2, R2, plus Special Combo version in the usual way.
  • Azrael now has Detective Mode and the Disruptor.
  • All three DLC characters now have Critical Strikes, FreeFlow Focus Mk II, Blade Dodge Takedown and armor upgrades.
  • Harley and Batgirl now have Aerial Juggle and Special Combo Boost (RH already had these).
  • Batgirl has a ton of new Special Combo moves: Multi Ground Takedown, Disarm and Destroy, Batarang, Explosive Gel and Batclaw. SC Batarang is glitched so that it only does the explosion a small amount of the time, though.
  • Batgirl also has Batclaw Super Slam and Batclaw Weapon Disarm.
Bug fixes
  • Suit damage glitch has been fixed – you can now swap away from and back to the v8.03 and still see damage in story mode
  • ‘Knightfall glitch’ has been fixed – you no longer get an objective marker for the GCPD roof despite already triggering the Knightfall Protocol
New content
  • GCPD Lockdown AR Challenges: ‘Shark Bait’, round-based combat in the dock building, and ‘Jailbreak’, the GCPD predator environment
  • Predator character switch: select character on non-Dual Play predator maps, with unique objectives.

The game, developed by Rocksteady, is now available across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Got something we missed? Comment below.

Photo Modes: Batman Arkham Knight Mon, 02 Nov 2015 11:52:07 -0500 Jack Bampfield

Na na na na na na na na na na na na, lag man! lag man!

So, I'm still suffering from "PBWTFOP" syndrome. Commonly known as "Post Batman With Terrible Framerate On PC"...syndrome. I mean, let's not gloss over this, Arkham Knight on PC was and still is a disaster. I still wish a patch will come along, I'll stick the game on and suddenly: "I can show you the world..." But much like Square Enix's sales targets, it's very wishful thinking. 

Origins was a chore, mainly due to the fact it was overall a bore (watch out, poets). The performance of Arkham Knight kills what could be a good game. There are moments in Arkham Knight where the game freezes for 4 seconds before springing into life again. These freezes occur mainly when in the Batmobile. The steam forums are a great laugh, mainly due to WB, not the rightfully aggravated fans.

When the game runs well in the 5 seconds it does every 30 minutes, it's depressing; it shows how good the game could be. I can't appreciate most, if not, all of the game because I can't handle that god awful performance. I should probably stop, I could write an entire thesis on all the hilarity of the PC version of Arkham Knight. Believe me, I saw the amount of salt in the first 2 paragraphs. 

Photo Mode! Right, err... Annoyingly, photo mode helps show off how good the game could have been on PC. The detail put into the world is quite extraordinary. That's what you expect from Rocksteady, though. I enjoyed this Photo Mode, bar a few niggles. If you don't click the L3 and R3 at the right time when using a controller, it doesn't work. You end up just zooming in with your - bat-noculars? Also the "Image" settings, reset every time you enter Photo Mode. 

It's one of those Photo Modes where it really wants you to look at the main character. It takes some fiddling around to not look at Batman. Much like Mad Max, though, you're entering Photo Mode every few seconds.

How it works

This is the 3rd game in this Photo Modes series with this combat style, so I'm using a controller. It's the usual click both analogue sticks to enter Photo Mode. This toggle needs toggling on in the pause menu. For PC, after toggling the toggle, quick access is 'P'.

Camera freedom is alright I suppose, don't expect Mad Max or DriveClub levels of freedom. With zoom at max, up high, you can see a lot of Gotham.

  • Camera: You can move the camera whenever you want, so this option is for zoom (30-110) and tilt. For some reason with tilt, you can only do 45 degrees either way, seems a bit of a misstep for Batman.
  • Depth of Field: Strength + distance. Not as much control as other Depth of Fields. For example, I can't have a small area in the distance be the only place in focus. The way strength behaves is odd, as going up 1% can show a massive difference, and the next 10% seems to do nothing.
  • Image: Exposure, Brightness. This setting can take some playing around with to get the right brightness in your shot. The best setup for me was 60% exposure and 25% brightness. The colours come out more but are darker, suited to Batman.
  • Filter: There's no intensity on these 10 filters. For me I was going for a filmic look, so filter "Film" was best for me. Some change a shot dramatically like "Killing Joke," others not so much. Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode Filters
  • Vignette: There is intensity for this vignette, but as usual I don't really use it.
  • Frame: 9 frames to add to the shot. Strangely there is intensity for this one. Why would you want say, black bars or "cinema" not at 100%? There are Bat-frames? "Bat computer" and "swarm" for example. Cinema worked best for me going for that filmic look like I did with TLOU: Remastered.
  • Logo: Not the best logo in a Photo Mode. There's a lack of control with this one. Only 1 Batman: Arkham Knight logo in any of the four corners, either big or small.

Despite performance issues on PC, I did enjoy this photo mode. Combat can be hard to take photos of as how comical it tends to look. But the lighting and detail in Gotham, trying to make it look like a film was a no-brainer for me. I feel some of these shots show off the way Rocksteady has lit Gotham. Also, yes I've used the Batman Beyond costume in some of these, because... I mean, look at it!

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Batman Arkham Knight Photo Mode

Warner Bros. unveils all remaining Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Fri, 16 Oct 2015 06:16:41 -0400 Travis Shuman

Batman: Arkham Knight has done exceptionally well since its release earlier this year (on consoles, anyway), and has continued to keep things fresh with various DLC add-ons. Now Christmas has come early as Warner Bros. has unveiled all remaining DLC for Arkham Knight.


  • Batman Classic Vehicle Pack
  • Batmobile Track: Batcave Set
  • Batmobile Track: Penguin's Dockyard
  • Classic Catwoman Skin
  • Classic Robin Skin
  • 1970's Batmobile Skin
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3
  • AR Challenge: Chemical Reaction
  • AR Challenge: Stage Fright
  • AR Challenge: Cauldron Speedway TT
  • AR Challenge: Guardians
  • AR Challenge: Precinct
  • AR Challenge: Vertigo
  • Character Selection in AR Challenges
  • Hard Difficulty in all Challenges


  • Batman v Superman Batman Skin
  • Batman v Superman Batmobile
  • Wayne Tech Pack
  • Track #1: Proving Ground
  • Track #2: Waynetech Loop
  • Arkham Episode: Catwoman’s Revenge
  • Arkham Episode: A Flip of a Coin (Robin)
  • Arkham Episodes AR Challenges
  • Robin and Batmobile Skins Pack
  • Robin Themed Batmobile Skin
  • Original Tim Drake Robin Skin
  • Riddler Themed Batmobile Skin
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #4
  • AR Challenge: Clockwork
  • AR Challenge: Credit Crunch
  • AR Challenge: High Flyers
  • AR Challenge: Quarantine
  • AR Challenge: Wild Cat
  • AR Challenge: Divine Intervention
  • Character Selection for Invisible Predator Challenges


  • Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion
  • Mission: Beneath The Surface (Killer Croc)
  • Mission: In From the Cold (Mister Freeze)
  • Mission: Wonderland (Mad Hatter)
  • Mission: Shadow War (Ra’s Al Ghul)
  • '08 Movie Batman Skin
  • Original Arkham Batmobile
  • Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5
  • 6 TBC AR Challenges

There's a lot of DLC to keep players warm as Winter approaches, but the most notable is undoubtedly the apparent tie-ins to 2016's upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

Batman: Arkham Knight crosses the five million mark Mon, 12 Oct 2015 10:36:59 -0400 astik_anand

The Wall Street Journal, in an article comparing the success of Warner Brothers' video game division to the company's movie division, stated that Batman: Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X have each sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.

"In the past few years, the studio has shot to the top, thanks to major hits including Batman: Arkham Knight and fighting game Mortal Kombat X, which have each sold more than five million units globally," the publication said.

Lego Jurassic World, another game from the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has sold about four million units, worldwide.

Batman: Arkham Knight topped charts in US and UK upon release in June 2015. The sale of PC version of the game, however, was discontinued because of some serious performance and graphical issues. The same would be available towards the end of October according to publishers.

Enjoying the biggest launch in franchise history, Mortal Kombat X along with Batman: Arkham Knight were cited as key contributors in Time Warner's revenue boost for the quarter which ended June 30.

Sefton Hill answers Arkham Knight fan questions, announces character selection Wed, 16 Sep 2015 20:23:29 -0400 Andrea Koenig

Sefton Hill is the co-director behind Rocksteady Games. Recently he began to answer some of the fans' most asked questions over Twitter.

The lesson in it all? Ask and you shall receive. Questions from fans brought upon a special announcement for Arkham Knight and then more details and specs behind it.

Here are some of the biggest Arkham questions. Answered.

The hidden room

On forums one can find the rumored secret area or hidden room easter egg. No one has found it, but some say it will either allude or reveal some special plans toward another Arkham game.

Hill officially denies its existence with good cause:

No more Arkham so no hidden room! There are likely plenty of easter eggs to find throughout the game, but don't expect them to announce another installment.

DLC Characters

So you got the DLC and played the character game. You beat it, you're done, but you still want more. You don't want to give up playing this character. Is there life for them beyond the DLC?

Yes! There are plenty of chances to play your favorite DLC character for Arkham Knight. It's not certain if Hill means the maps from fall 2014 or 2015, but a long-awaited announcement came with this year's Challenge Maps:

Character Selection

You asked, they answered. Coming alongside challenge maps this upcoming October, players will also get this line of characters to select from.

These characters will be available on all combat and predator maps, not just new and upcoming maps like the October Challenge Maps and November Predator maps. PC players will also have access once their DLC is up and running.

"Sorry for the delay. It's a brand new feature we never planned for until you asked for it. It isn't a small job :-)"

Hill stated in a follow-up tweet. 

If you don't already, follow Sefton Hill on Twitter to check out other answered questions from Arkham fans. 

Batman: Arkham Knight gets a much-needed interim patch for PC Sun, 06 Sep 2015 15:30:02 -0400 cdiponzia

Batman:Arkhamn Knight's PC launch was one of the biggest disasters of this year. The game was so broken that WB Games yanked it off digital shelves at online stores. It has been two months now, and the game is still not avaliable for purchase. However, they have not stopped working to get the game fixed up for the PC. 

A ray of hope shines, as WB Games and Rocksteady have released the first patch - a step toward real improvement for the game. The new patch has optimization measures, more in-game settings, and improves performance and mechanical hard drives. 

But there's a long way to go before the game is fully up to date. Rocksteady has released a list of things that need to be fixed, and hopefully those fixes will come in the near future. These should cover issues that have popped up certain operating systems and hardware systems.

We can only hope to see a working PC version of the game sometime soon.  

Arkham Knight PC Patch Is Finally Out. Game Still Remains off Sale Fri, 04 Sep 2015 19:08:53 -0400 Larry Iaccio

When Arkham Knight came out back in June, it was considered to be a great game and a satisfying conclusion to the Arkham triology. Sadly, this cannot be said for the PC version of the game.

Riddled with bugs that made many players copies almost unplayable, Warner Bros had to act fast in order to solve the problem.

They did not.

They instead pulled the PC version of the game from the shelves and promised players a fix to the problems.

Nearly 3 months later and we are finally getting that fix in the form of a solid patch update. The PC version of the game still remains off sale however, so only time will tell if this patch is everything it is promised to be.

Here are some key features of the patch update, but it's important to note that this list includes fixes for "future" patches as well, not just this current one.

Reduced frame rate hitches

Optimizations for system memory and VRAM usage

Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)

More Comprehensive In-Game Settings

Fixed low resolution texture bugs

Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

In addition to the above, we’re continuing to work on the following for future updates:

Adding support for SLI and Crossfire

Adding support for the latest DLC & Season Pass content

Adding support for additional updates such as Photo Mode

Continued improvements and bug fixing for a Windows 7 specific memory issue that occurs on configurations with 8GB of system RAM and some NVIDIA GPUs during extended game play

Continued improvements for Windows 10 specific issues on systems with some AMD GPUs

Early reports from players are fairly positive and many claim that it makes the game actually playable and enjoyable. I personally have the game for my Xbox, so luckily I was spared these issues and haven't actually tested out the update. If you have however tried it out and have any thoughts on it please let us know in the comments below!

Batman 1989 DLC out now for Arkham Knight Wed, 19 Aug 2015 20:22:22 -0400 Daniel R. Miller

Before there was Christian Bale and Kevin Conroy, there was Michael Keaton. Keaton and Jack Nicholson were the original Batman and Joker movie representations and they were (and still are) awesome. Batman had a rubber suit, The Joker's lines didn't make a lick of sense half the time, and for some reason, Tim Burton thought Prince music belonged in the movie. And all of it worked beautifully.

Despite the fact that the latest set of DLC for Rocksteady's swan song to the Dark Knight is nothing more than a few skins and race tracks, it's hard to feel disappointed.  

Players will be able to take the original movie Batmobile for a spin through a set of custom race tracks, whose design is based upon Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). The track in the latest trailer showcases a run through an underground level with giant rubber duck vehicles and a stadium full of penguins. It sounds ridiculous (and it is) but at least nobody can ever say that Burton's Batman didn't have character.

Players will also be able to take this new (old) Batmobile into the streets of Gotham, but only after the player has cleared out all of the Arkham Knight's drone tanks, seeing as how this Batmobile didn't have cannons.

It may not be much, but for fans of the Burton films, we will take it. Though personally, I'm still holding out hope that Rocksteady will create a standalone add-on based around the old movies.

The 15 highest-rated PS4 games Fri, 07 Aug 2015 10:58:47 -0400 Curtis Dillon


So that's the lot! Of course there are many more awesome PS4 games - we never even fell beneath 84%! And that's not counting the PS3 ports and remasters, which help make the PS4's library more and more impressive.


The best thing about these 15 games is the impressive diversity on display. Last generation bore witness to the rise of digital games and the indie developer, and it's great to see that tradition is continuing and growing with the PS4. So we get games like Batman: Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3 on the same list as Shovel Knight and Rocket League. There's truly something for everyone on the PlayStation 4!


What games were you surprised to see, or not to see? Personally I thought Infamous: Second Son would have had a place in the top 15, and maybe Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And what games do you think will make the list in future? Uncharted 4 seems a no-brainer, but what else? Let us know in the comments!

1. The Witcher 3 - 92%

This should come as no surprise, because The Witcher 3 is the most breath-taking and immersive RPG ever created. Fun, interesting, beautiful, absolutely huge, and with things to do at every single point of the map, The Witcher 3 is exactly what we'd always wanted from a fantasy RPG.


You play as Geralt of Rivia on his last adventure, that of finding his loved ones and finally taking down the Wild Hunt. The premise is simple, but the characters make the main quest a delight to play through, and the plethora of side quests, all with an amazing diversity of characters and monsters, make this game hundreds of hours long, but interesting all the way.


Simply put, The Witcher 3 is the biggest and best game on PS4.


Its shockingly cohesive world is as beautiful as it is demanding, and it's packed full of mature content that throws you from one emotional response to the next. Its storytelling is superb, its combat is grippingly refined, and its often unforgiving nature only lends itself to a brilliantly rewarding experience.


                                  - Push Square

2. Bloodborne - 92%

Rarely has a game felt like such a descent into madness. That itself is the story of Bloodborne. You play as the silent Hunter, who travels around the town of Yharnam battling the residents-turned-monsters. The premise is simple, but the game gets more bizarre as the story unfolds, and you may find yourself going mad along with it.


Continuing the challenging template set forth by Demon Souls, From Software created a masterpiece with Bloodborne. Melding together everything that made the Souls games great, Bloodborne makes the action a little faster, adds a gun to parry with, and makes the monsters more than lumbering brutes.

Bloodborne takes the best of Dark Souls and builds the unrelenting gaming challenge on a prefect foundation - it will test your abilities to the max. The first true must-have exclusive for PS4 is here. 
      - LEVEL
3. Shovel Knight - 91%

The ultimate love letter to old-school 2D platformers. Shovel Knight is the true evolution of classic games like Mega Man, CastleVania, or Ninja Gaiden. But it isn't a clone or a rip-off, it's its own entity - and a fantastic one at that.


Not only does Shovel Knight play like the perfect amalgamation of the games mentioned but it looks amazing, has an instant-classic soundtrack, and the PS4 version even features the God of War, Kratos. Shovel Knight begs to be played by gamers, young and old.


Whether you were weaned on an NES like I was, or don't yet know what you missed in a time before you were born, Shovel Knight is an absolute must-play.



4. Dragon Age: Inquisition - 89%

BioWare breathed new life into the Dragon Age series with Inquisition. As a series that had been waning and never quite reached the heights of rival RPGs, Dragon Age finally reached its potential with the 2014 installment.


Dragon Age: Inquisiton is an incredibly dense fantasy RPG that took the open world genre to new heights with it's size, lore, characters, and world. Inquisition is easily one of the best RPGs on the PS4.


With a huge, breathtaking world, an epic story, and choices that leaves a significant mark on the world around you, Dragon Age: Inquisition embodies everything that makes the series so popular.


                                                                                      - Shack News

5. Batman: Arkham Knight - 87%

Batman: Arkham Knight has been met with a lot of criticism since its release, and some of it well deserved. However, the criticism is resounding because expectations were so very high, and because we've already had 3 installments, the core gameplay that makes the series so fantastic is overlooked for Arkham Knight's flaws.


My point is, at its core, Arkham Knight is an amazing game. No one can argue that is a bad game. They may not like it or think it was disappointing, but the game itself is very good. The characters, world, graphics, and gameplay are all phenomenal. The Batmobile controls well and the tank mode similarly is very tight, though it can definitely be argued that it's overused and unbefitting of a Batman game.


Regardless, Arkham Knight is a great game and one of the best on the PS4. It may not have hit the game of the year highs that the previous two did, but it's still a testament to superhero games and world-building.


...any frustrations I have with Arkham Knight don’t take away from the fact that I was unable to stop playing for four days straight, frequently in awe.


       - Hyper Magazine

6. Fifa 14 - 87%

EA's classic football series debuted on the PS4 with the best entry to date. Fifa 14 brought the near-perfect gameplay that EA has mastered, tightened it even further, and enhanced the graphics. Compared to the series' debut on PS3, this was a real belter.


We all know what Fifa is and who it's for, so it doesn't take much extrapolation to explain why the series gets better with each entry. However, it's '14 that stands as the best football game on PS4 to date.


FIFA 14 exudes polish from every pore. It’s a great all-rounder, able to entertain players of all abilities.


                                                 - DarkStation

7. OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood - 86%

OlliOlli 2 is a skateboarding platformer that is equally frustrating and rewarding. Like its predecessor, OlliOlli 2 doesn't play like any other skateboarding game you've played. It's very tricky, no pun intended.


The second entry in the series takes the skateboarding from the mean streets to the "Olliwood" hills. You play a variety of cool locations, including some that look like they're right out of Guacamelee. The game is as difficult, if not more, than the original, and well worth picking up if you want something different or skateboard-related.


OlliOlli 2 may be incredibly difficult at times but it is also non stop fun. It takes everything that made the first game great and made it even better.


                                                                                     - Gaming Nexus

8. Rocket League - 85%

Do you like fun? Then Rocket League is for you.


That's all I really need to say, but I will break it down a bit for anyone who doesn't know about the game or is on the fence. Rocket League is essentially football/soccer with cars. You drive, jump, boost, block, powerslide, and even climb walls in order to score the next all-important goal.


While the gameplay is where Rocket League excels, especially in online play, the customization of cars is also a ton of fun. You can choose from an array of chasses, patterns, colors, tires, jet streams, hats and flags. So the diversity of cars you see online makes it feel consistently fresh and exciting.


But to be honest, talking about the game can do it no justice. It's truly something you need to play for yourself to really get. And right now it's free on PS Plus, so join the 4 million others already playing Rocket League.


Rocket League is a pure videogame defined by an excellent mixture of its mechanics. It's extremely fun, addictive, one of the best competitive experiences of this year on PS4.


                                                   - Atomix

9. Far Cry 4 - 85%

Far Cry 4 continued the insanity of the previous installment but took it to the Himalayan mountains. The story may not have been as good as that of Far Cry 3 but the same open-world traversal, combat, and quirkiness remained true to the series.


Paragliding over the hills of Kyrat, taking down outposts, finding masks and letters that shed light on the world, and shooting honey badgers with fire arrows is incredibly fun. And to be honest, if you don't like the sound of that then you wouldn't like Far Cry 4. Ubisoft created another great entry in the series and it's one of the best open-world games on PS4.


Far Cry 4 pounds out an open-world FPS maelstrom of ridiculousness. It’s always in your face and it’s never afraid to throw numerous and diverse dangers in your path, just to see if you can adapt and survive.


                                                                                 - PSX Extreme

10. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - 85%

The latest installment in the Geometry Wars series, Dimensions is the best on PS4 and arguably the best of the series. The gameplay is tighter than ever, the color palette and soundtrack assault the senses, and online leaderboards make it addictive.


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a multi-directional shooter that is as fun and chaotic as it is hypnotic and challenging. Though this kind of game might not be for everyone, if you are a fan you will love what Dimensions has to offer.


It offers plenty of things for all players, as the Adventure mode draws in new fans, the Classic mode appeals to veterans, and the leaderboards manage to fuel their competitive natures.


                                                                - Softpedia

11. Super Mega Baseball - 85%

Here's a game you've probably never even heard of. I will say I'm still shocked that Super Mega Baseball is higher rated than any version of MLB The Show, although The Show '14 did rate at 83. That shows just how good this game is beneath it's cartoonish exterior.


Not so much about the realism of baseball as it is the sheer fun, Super Mega Baseball offers a jump-in mentality for those who aren't lovers or familiar with baseball, and surprisingly deep complexity for those who do.


Super Mega Baseball is one of the best baseball games out at the moment. Sure it may not be a licensed game like The Show, but the gameplay is as good as the official MLB game.


                                                                      - The Sixth Axis

12. Battlefield 4 - 85%

As a launch game, Battlefield 4 really showed what the PS4 and Xbox One were capable of. With the series' trademark online play that incorporates a fairly huge landscape, trucks, jeeps, jets, and "levolutions", Battlefield 4 set the bar for insane war games.


I'm sure you've seen them by now, but the levolutions are pretty amazing, from falling buildings to dams bursting. They dynamically change the gameplay and give you something to show your friends! The campaign leaves you wanting and the plethora of bugs/online issues were unacceptable, but for a first next-gen outing, this was impressive.


As the first game to demonstrate the prowess of the Frostbite 3 engine, its explosive debut indicates a promising future for its technology. Gear up and strap in, Battlefield 4 sets the new standard for next-generation multiplayer.


                   - Game Trailers

13. NBA 2K14 - 85%

As good as the core gameplay of the NBA 2K series is, the visual fidelity of the first PS4 version was what made it a must play - for everyone. Even if you aren't a fan of basketball, you should check the game out for the graphics alone.


Another really cool feature of the game, more frequently seen in the WWE series, is MyCareer Mode, which sees you create a player and play a story mode. The mode came equipped with cutscenes and even post-match interviews with real-life personalities. Needless to say, fans had never felt closer to being a real pro-baller.


...beyond impressive graphics NBA 2K14 keeps touching perfection in terms of gameplay, still as precise as ever, with a game experience still more satisfying due to the very well done AI. You still don't know what game to buy for your PS4 or your Xbox One? Think again.


                                                                                - Jeux Actu

14. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - 84%

The game that surprised everyone in 2014, Shadow of Mordor deserves a place on any great next-gen games list. With a feature that truly screams "next-gen", Shadow of Mordor made a fairly bland story and world, extremely fun to play.


You play as Talion, a Ranger of Gondor, who is murdered alongside his family by Sauron and his minions. The basic plot sees you kill every Orc ten times over in your road to revenge. It's really as simple as that, but the gameplay, skill-tree, and much-touted Nemesis System, are the reasons you keep playing Shadow of Mordor for a long time.


It turns out that Shadow of Mordor is that rarest of things in video game culture - an unexpected knockout punch.


                                                                      - The Guardian

15. Axiom Verge - 84%

Starting off the list is Axiom Verge, the latest in a long line of MetroidVania games, but Axiom Verge is arguably one of the most faithful to its inspirations.


You guide a confused scientist around an alien world in order to figure out where you are and what the heck happened. Axiom Verge is very reminiscent of Super Metroid, and shows that there is plenty of life left in the genre yet.


The exploration loop is incredibly satisfying, and combat feels both tight and adaptable, like a complex dance where the partners both accentuate each others strengths, allowing any weak points to fade into the background.


                         - DarkStation


We're coming up on the 2 year release of the PS4 (it seems longer than that, doesn't it?). And we thought it high time we celebrate the console and its games. The PlayStation 4 has a ton of games already, many of which are excellent - some even masterpieces, and we wanted to list the very best of the best. These highest rated PS4 games to date, as per Metacritic.


HD remasters and ports will not be counted. That means The Last of Us Remastered, God of War III, Guacameleee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, Fez, etc. will not make the list.


The reason behind this is simple, new games are more exciting. If we were to include those games, this list almost be entirely comprised of previously released games. That doesn't reflect the great games only on the PS4. 


Additionally, when two or more games have the same critical score, which several of them do, we will rank them depending on the higher user score.


So without further ado, let's just dive in and bear witness to the 15 best games on the PlayStation 4 thus far!

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets PS4 Photo Mode Tue, 04 Aug 2015 20:05:03 -0400 Curtis Dillon

Batman: Arkham Knight just received update version 1.05 and with it comes a few new features, the most exciting of which is a Photo Mode on the PS4.

The new Photo Mode, which can also be found in The Last of Us: Remastered, Drive Club, The Order: 1886, Infamous: Second Son, and Shadow of Mordor, allows you to freeze the game, move the camera in any direction and axis, remove the HUD, add filters, and more. It's a fun feature that allows for some amazing shots.

Here is everything in update 1.05:

  • Photo Mode
  • Force Original Voice Cast option for non-English territories
  • Updates for WBPlay and DLC
  • Support for August additional content
  • General gameplay, graphic, UI, and audio fixes

Also in the update is a new skin for Batman; the Zur-En-Arrh skin. To get the new skin all you have to do is sign up for WBPlay account, and the costume is then available. Zur-En-Arrh is a planet first featured in #113 of Batman, way back in 1958, and the planet has a Batman. Should you sign up for WBPlay you can also get the Anime Batman skin, from Batman: Gotham Knight. Below is an image of the costumes.

The following DLC is available now in August, for Season Pass owners:

1989 Movie Batmobile Pack: Battle through the streets of Gotham City with this pack that includes the Batman skin and Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film, as well as two tracks inspired by the film’s sequel.

The Bat-family Skins Pack: Included in this pack are six character skins based on the alternate timelines – – 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin, Arkham Origins Batman, Iconic Grey & Black Batman, 1970s Batman and the Original Arkham Nightwing.

The only drawback to the 1989 Batmobile skin can only be used in specific portions of the game, mainly the Riddler challenges and race tracks, because it can't turn into the tank. 

Then September will see the release of more skins for Batman and Catwoman, as well as Crime Fighter challenge Pack #1. Further September DLC is likely to be revealed soon.

For more on Batman: Arkham Knight, keep it here on GameSkinny.

Play as Alfred mod: take the butler to the streets of Gotham in Batman: Arkham Knight Mon, 03 Aug 2015 11:15:24 -0400 Callum Wiggins

Warning: The following video contains spoilers and side quests from Batman: Arkham Knight, so watch at your own discretion.

While the PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight was not exactly met with the most favorable response, some hard working modders on the platform have introduced some fun additions to the game. This one featured here might be the pick of the bunch, as you are given the opportunity to really clean up crime.. by playing as the Caped Crusader's loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

The game itself in its original form allows the player to traverse the gritty city of Gotham with a broad range of characters from its comic book universe. Of course, Batman is the main protagonist, but a selection of his allies, acquaintances and rivals were also able to be taken control of. Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman and even the Joker are available for the player.

But in spite of this wide selection, it is great to see the beloved and often beleaguered butler take the fight to all the supervillains that have used him as a pawn to get to his cherished ward. And as this video from YouTube channel Batman Arkham Videos demonstrates, he clearly has been following Bruce Wayne's workout regime in his spare time.

While this Alfred cannot perform counter punches or environmental takedowns, it is safe to say that villains of Gotham would not like to cross his path in a dark alley. He even gets to enjoy a kiss from Catwoman. Hey, why should Batman have all the fun?

So, check out the above video, and maybe one day Bruce can stay home to do the ironing, while The Bat-ler can sweep up crime in his stead.

Arkham Knight: The Batman Rides Again Wed, 22 Jul 2015 20:05:29 -0400 Menachem Rephun

Beginning of the End

Four years have passed since the release of Arkham City, Rocksteady’s second entry in its venerable Batman saga. Now, the studio has returned with Arkham Knight, ostensibly the closing chapter in a remarkable trilogy of games.  

Arkham Knight had a great deal to live up to after the resounding success of its predecessors, and for the most part, it succeeds, capping off the series with a plot that is darker, deeper, and more emotional than anything we’ve seen before. With Arkham Knight, Rocksteady have subtly tweaked and refined the series’ core gameplay mechanics, introducing just enough innovation to keep the proceedings fresh. Batman now has an expanded utility belt, a multi-fear takedown that can dispose of several enemies at once, allies who occasionally fight alongside him, and most notably, the Batmobile, an unstoppable juggernaut capable of tearing down virtually anything in its path. 

Despite these alterations, Arkham Knight feels very much of a piece with former installments, leaving the tried-and-true formula of investigative sequences, side-quests, and open-world gameplay largely intact.  

On a technical level, Arkham Knight is simply astounding. The game’s visuals and artistic design are hypnotic, as Batman soars through a rain-soaked Gotham awash in neon and smoke. Despite the absence of NPC's (once again justified by a city-wide evacuation), Gotham is a fascinating habitat, shifting seamlessly from dilapidated Hell’s Kitchen slums, to gothic clock-towers and Lexcorp skyscapers with a glossy neo-futuristic design. The lighting is cinematic, complemented by Michael Giacchino’s haunting score, and the facial animations and character models are equally top-notch. Rocksteady have clearly pulled out all the stops with the next-gen technology at their disposal, and the results must be seen to be believed. If this isn’t the future of videogames, you can definitely see it from here


John Noble delivers a chilling performance as Scarecrow  

Alfred, I'm Going In                               

In terms of narrative, Arkham Knight is every bit as engrossing as its predecessors, if not more so.  The storyline has a bagful of tricks up its sleeve, delving into Batman’s tortured psyche in a way that previous games have only teased at. What begins as standard fare involving Scarecrow (an excellent John Noble)’s fear toxin, and a Bat-suited upstart called the Arkham Knight, soon morphs into something far more compelling and disturbing.  

Throughout the game, a host of villains perpetually taunt Batman about his inevitable downfall, and this time, the player can almost believe them.  Scarecrow in particular gleefully anticipates “the death of hope” attending Batman’s fall, and a feeling of oppressive despair and dread creeps into the story during its final act. 

"Rocksteady have clearly pulled out all the stops with the next-gen technology at their disposal, and the results must be seen to be believed. If this isn’t the future of videogames, you can definitely see it from here."

The effect of all this on the player is both exhausting and demoralizing, in a story that only gets bleaker as it unwinds. This is a rare tale where the hero is pushed dangerously close to the breaking point, and triumph is not guaranteed. If we feel unsettled watching the Dark Knight reduced to such fragile, human dimensions, that only means Rocksteady have done their job. This journey is unpleasant, even nightmarish at times, but its after-effect is haunting, and will linger with players long after the credits have rolled.     

 Arkham Knight's visuals are stunning

Rubber Bullets…Honest

Unfortunately, for everything it gets right narrative-wise, Arkham Knight is not without its weak spots. The gameplay is dogged by repetition, particularly during the numerous, interminable tank battles, in which the player is forced to confront wave after wave of identical (unmanned) tanks and drones in the Batmobile's "battle mode". It is true that taking out unsuspecting thugs with the remote batmobile, or hearing its engines rev as it rushes to your aid, is a thrill that never gets old. At the same time, slick gameplay and beautiful graphics can’t make stealth hunting tanks with a 360 degree field of vision fun, or hide the fact that including them was just not a good idea.

Another less talked about, but equally divisive aspect of Arkham Knight is its ending. Rocksteady took a serious gamble in that department, forcing players to unlock the conclusion piecemeal by completing the various side-quests and Riddler challenges scattered throughout the game. While this might not bother completionists and die-hard fans, for others it might prove too much of an investment simply to watch the “true” ending, i.e., an extra 30 seconds of cut-scenes.

Speaking only for myself, it seems fair to say that with this controversial choice, Rocksteady fumbled the ball. An ending is a given, not a privilege to be earned. Leaving the game without having unlocked the full ending left me with a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction, as if the developers were chiding me for not having the patience to collect 234 Riddler trophies just to watch the ending I had worked towards for 14 plus hours. Demanding so much of the player’s time to unlock alternate, or multiple endings, might have been more forgivable. As it stands, the game’s chopped-up finale is a more lethal, experience-dampening flaw than any overuse of the Batmobile.    


The Batmobile is a thrilling addition, if occasionally redundant          

 With all of that said, Arkham Knight is not without its strengths, and when it plays to them, it works very well indeed.  The “predator” segments from previous installments have returned, and are every bit as entertaining and engaging as ever. From the beginning, this is where the Arkham games have shined, making you truly feel like Batman as you stalk terrified cretins from the shadows.  The combat system has also been one of Rocksteady’s strongest points, and Arkham Knight is no exception, with the upgraded repertoire of attacks and environmental takedowns adding just enough variety to keep things fresh.

The charming touches of fan-service that have defined the Arkham games are also present, courtesy of numerous riddles, and a handful of side-quests involving Batman's rogues gallery. The latter are mostly satisfying, though a few feel distractingly under-developed.   

"The combat system has... been one of Rocksteady’s strongest points, and Arkham Knight is no exception, with the upgraded repertoire of attacks and environmental takedowns adding just enough variety to keep things fresh."
Batman, Signing Off

Arkham Knight is far from perfect, but when its parts work in harmony, it delivers a kick to rival any other game in the franchise, or any AAA game released this year. Rocksteady have more than done justice to the Dark Knight, providing the Batman fix the gaming world so desperately craved. Arkham Knight is huge, exciting, slightly overambitious, and like its protagonist, more than a little bit crazy. This final chapter (and the two titles that preceded it), serve as a reminder of everything we love about Batman, demonstrating what superhero games look like done right. When it comes to the Caped Crusader, Arkham Knight might be Rocksteady’s swan song, and it's certainly sad to see them ago. Yet Arkham Knight is also an invitation. So put on the cowl, and strap yourself in for one last hurrah. It’s time to become the bat.